7 thoughts on “Clever Bastard

  1. I applaud the creativity and the
    I want it
    I will build it
    But saw blades hang up, and I don’t think I could run it like that,,
    But I can still appreciate that thing, good job, young man.


  2. OK, but this impresses me about as much as the guy who figured out how to make an electric appliance that turns plastic back into petroleum, for about $50/gallon.

    I have 3 pruning saws all over 20 years old and even the 10″ folder (I think I paid $8 for it) still cuts faster than this marvel.


  3. The dude has that Ginsu Samurai look in his eyes.

    Interesting concept, how about taking it to the next level with a gas powered chain saw with dual converging bars and a hydraulic wedge feature to tip the tree butt at the cut so it falls in the desired direction. Have to build it pretty rugged for the weight of the tree pinching the bar on the tipping side of the cut won’t destroy the chain bars.


      • indeed. Industrial level tree farming. Terminator Logging.

        Loggers clearing off a wood lot I had up in NH years ago they used a hydraulic knife with grapple. Wild watching them tram with a 150 foot oak standing straight up, whole thing swaying like crazy then tip it down shove it top first and into a drum shredder, leaves to bark, nothing wasted. Supposedly they gone to saws because the knife style rigs do something to the wood fibers in the butt near the cut, paper-mills don’t want.

        You know, with a bit of creative improvisational up-armoring, be a handy dual purpose piece of equipment. I got a fertile mind, theres a lot things a guy could do with one after the winters cordwood is secured. Great for constructing log cabins, bunkers for defensive positions…
        Must have a wood chipper too.
        Great multi tasking machines, cost effective. Very handy. Adaptable. Cheaper to operate and much faster production rate than helicopters they used for free rides for commies down in Chile at one point.
        All hypothetically saying.

        Love me some of those awesome linked tire savers, makes the wheels almost indestructible. Insane traction. They get used in the surface coal mines here in WV for shot-rock loaders.

        One mine I was working at got a brandy new CAT 998 K model, CAT built about one a month back then when they introduced them. Sticker price back then was near 3 Million if memory serves, with the options the mine ordered on it, in advance to get in line for one.
        Its a Rolls Royce, very comfy and quiet cab features, excellent sound system with integral comms, top shelf air ride seat. Sublime hands on stick controls, 1st Rate all the way.
        We had to put chain savers on it, CAT put a crazy Hi-Po engine and super boosted staged hydraulics in the K models, ripped the front tire lugs to shreds in a week or so. They where rumored designed as dedicated shot-rock loaders/overburden surface mine machines, two buckets loads a triple seven with high-boards with 100-125 tons. 3-4 buckets for a maxed out load on a 785 or Komatsu W10’s. Think it had a 20 yard rock bucket. Great big set of rock bits, very Terminator sci-fi look.
        It paid itself back in 8 months, though CAT claimed 12 months, the main operator running it on hootowl was an excellent loader man, and we had a great foreman and truck drivers, everyone got along real swell. With 95 feet of sandstone top, 2 D’s pushing the shot to the loader spreads, two 998 G & H model loaders, nine 777d’s and 3 new 777G’s rock trucks running 10 hour, six day shifts on hootowl we averaged a monthly stock pile of 40,000 tons of top metallurgical Sewell coal. This met coal we mined was going for $320 a ton, straight off the rib into over the road tandems and semi dumps. Not washed thru a plant. They used it down on the river barge load-outs, to blend with lower BTU and or too high sulfur/ash met to meet EPA regs, and for blending a very high grade steam coal.
        A jet fuel company bought from us also, they had a coal to liquids plant, supposedly a pilot plant in WV, for coal to high test gasoline, the rumor being back then they produced 75,000 gals a day, for $1.75 a gallon wholesale delivered. And, a whole raft of ancillary by-products from plastics to fertilizer. Of course the green flat earthers of the cabal shut it down. They hate anything WV and Southerner, but “green” power from hydro and wind they pipe all they way to the swamp dwellings so they can strut around like the earth’s saviors or something. Hear we don’t get a watt of it in the state. But they obsoleted our coal plants, our home power bills used to be very low. Now we pipe power from canada. WTF right? Almost the whole state is a coal mine. I’ve counted 21 coal ribs at one mine, some 8 ft thick. They don’t know how much coal is down there. Commercially mineable, documented reserves estimates indicate enough coal to provide the entire US needs for 150 years, thats just known, estimated. I have seen it with my own eyes, just not many folks ever get to eyeball whats there. It staggers my mind how much energy, and cheap, no matter what bullshit you’ve heard, coal is king for electrical generation, nothing comes close to megawatt to BTU ratios. The whole “dirty coal” thing is as big a lie as #pedo=joe won an honest election. And there’s two shale gas basins under all the coal. They don’t have a clue to the actual reserves, there is so much gas, and oil too. There’s a bunch of counties where everyone has free natural gas, and thousands of property owners all over have gas-wells. Lot of folks run like 1 cylinder Yanmar aircooled diesel driven generators for free electricity off their free gas. With no ash the little motors take years to wear out, nothing there to contaminate the crankcase oil and wear out valve seats and piston rings.
        Tell you this too, almost most of us don’t know how much we are being fucked money wise by TPTB, by their dirty deeds to create artificial inordinately high energy costs.
        Tick…Tock… times almost here when us dirt people end up changing the dialectic in totality. Trump was straight up, he warned us, we don’t understand yet how stone cold corrupt these fuckers are. Seeing just what my un-lying eyes see here in West by God Virginia, no doubts the guy is totally to be trusted on this. Shits so out of balance, the scales topped towards the #pedo=elites, the natural laws of consequences are going to dictate events.
        Its so fucked up, there’s no avoiding whats coming now. We passed long ago the peaceful civilized redress stage. This rigged election coup is a fucking fart in a mitten in a class 5 hurricane to scope of the whole truth.

        Basically the K model cut loading time near in half with a good operator. Ours had advanced semi AI auto load, you set in learn mode, load a rock truck, push enter, and the operator can sit cross-legged hands off joystick, as long as the trucks park under the bucket all the same as the first truck. There’s a set of functions thereby the operator can adjust and fine tune on the fly without corrupting the load map, or take back manual control and then go back to AI, its almost semi autonomous/intuitive. It creeped the fuck out of me when they put me in it. I’m old school analog. That fly by wire shit lacks a certain primal feedback thrill. The young-in’s dig it.
        Now, why would a man not want all that power directly in his meathooks?
        Had to wear my seat harness strapped down tight on manual, throw you all over if I weren’t smooth on the controls because of the power.
        Thats been 4 years now I retired from coal mining, I hear CAT has advanced their loader AI technology by a great deal since. They develop a lot of cutting edge high tech. You get a lot of quality for the money from Caterpillar.
        To run that K, right off its clear they put mad power in it. Grubbing power thats like nothing I ran previous. The special D11’s with the dual turbo V12’s don’t feel as powerful. Might be the grubbing/traction control thats effecting that “feel”. Different machines diff dynamics, wheels verses linked tracks.


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