11 thoughts on “In The Market For A New Tubing Bender By Chance?

  1. Cederq, you seem to have a fixation about stools, stories about being drenched in poo, and whatnot. We others at Phil’s place don’t want to know about your scatalogical issues, even if your Mum did spank your little bot-bot when you were naughty. We’re very sorry to know that you maybe encountered trauma when being toilet trained, but it’s time to wear nappies again by the sound of things, not just pee pads. You have our sympathy, what with winter there now. At least the cleanup must be easier when it all freezes hard.


  2. That’s a pretty slick piece of gear!

    Being computer-controlled, I imagine you can do the design in CAD, and send the file to the machine where the machine cranks it out in jig time… Ain’t technology wunnerful??

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