7 thoughts on “NEVER, EVER, FORGET THIS!

  1. Thanks Phil. I’ve seen reference to that statement, but didn’t have the actual video clip. Isn’t the definition of a “gaffe” when a politician accidentally, unintentionally tells the truth?
    I’ll keep shouting “IT AIN’T OVER YET! ” until it really is over, and for this clusterfark that is going to be January 20.


  2. Hate to say it, but this election is a done deal if we don’t make a stand. Nobody is gonna stand in their way (governmentally) obviously, the courts, if anything at all is gonna save it(the republic) it’s gonna have to be us.


  3. Hate that is comes to this boys & girls, but the present shenanigans have driven me all the way. It is now time to declare this entire goobermint, due to their continual disregard of out constitution to declare that I will obey ONLY Gods Word and his alone. All this goobermints rules, regulations, edicts, agencies, etc. are null and void. They refuse to abide by the laws they themselves initiated I in turn do not and will not abide by their laws. I await the time when enough of us can gather behind a popular figure to lead us into forming a New Republic based solely upon the last but perhaps with more stringent Amendments that will hold elected office holders accountable.
    All else, “Rule 308” applies. End of discussion……..


  4. Can’t believe this clip gets ZERO play ANYWHERE! Fuck!
    The demented retard just CONFESSED to what they were going to do a week later.


  5. I would like to have been a fly on the wall in the room of his handlers to see the cringe. I can see the future commercial in my minds eye right now.


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