I Don’t Hear No Fat Lady Singing

Just because those complicit bastards in the media have taken it upon themselves to declare Biden and Cabal-la Harris the winners of the latest complete farce of a presidential election doesn’t mean this thing is a done deal.

The Electoral College still has that duty and they don’t get together until the middle of next month.

With all of the solid evidence of BLATANT vote rigging that has already been exposed, there is still a whole month for even more evidence to be presented and the lawsuits already filed to start knocking Biden’s numbers down like the house of cards it obviously is.

Since the Lefties have commenced salivating at the prospects of coming after Trump supporters you can bet that even though guys like me, Kenny, Eatgrueldog and basically anyone else that is on my Blogroll and the thousands of other Patriotic Blogs out there are way down the list at first, we are still on that list.

Maybe not as far down as we would like to be since Google and WordPress already went through and purged a bunch of us Deplorables last year.

Blogs like Mountain Forge, Chateau Heartiste, Western Rifle Shooters Association and more that just don’t come to mind right away.

Taking the bull by the horns, American Partisan dug deep and bought their own servers and are under constant attack for their impertinence.

That kind of determination takes serious money and time though.

Since I am lucky, I got my job back after being laid off for several months so right at the moment my immediate bills are getting covered.

If you are a regular reader you will know that life has been throwing challenges at me left and right since about April and although there is a bit of a lull at the moment, I already know there is a boat load of DRAMA already in the pipe on it’s way to my front door. That means I don’t have the luxury of doing this at such a serious level as the guys at American Partisan.

Therefore I run my mouth and thumb my nose at the Commies currently running the show knowing full well there is the very real risk of waking up one day to find my Blog has been disappeared too.

I do have a couple of Blogger back ups but who wants to headache with that crap?

Not I, said the pig in his poke.

Doesn’t mean for one second I am going to stop doing what I have been doing for the last fourteen years.

Railing against the injustices wrought upon us by our own government and those New World Order assholes.

I am just aware that if the Democrats do manage to steal this election for real that those malignant sonsabitches are going to think it’s Open Season on their enemies.

Trust me when I say that being one of their enemies is one of the things I am most proud of too.

But until the Electoral College comes out with their results, the MSM and the entire Left Wing can take a big suck right outta my ass.

25 thoughts on “I Don’t Hear No Fat Lady Singing

  1. I’ve said it elsewhere and I’ll keep saying it: It’s not over until Trump tells me it’s over. I’ve always presumed that much of the real activity is off the radar and out of sight. He has been wargaming this clusterf*ck for a long time, and we may yet see him pull his 270plus EC by December 8. If he does, then the real firefight will begin as the entire demoncrat dumpster fire explodes.
    Someone quoted Heinlein the other day: “Keep your weapons and your clothes where you can find them in the dark.” And keep your anger cold.

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  2. We got it Phil, and we know that could happen, I think most here have your back and will know how to go forward, ya know, the signal will go through, always has, always will. Other platforms are popping up, big tech don’t own the airwaves and don’t own the bandwidth, they just think they do.


  3. Phil, if you ever need do a post using an example of what the USA faces, the other four member states of the Five Eyes/Echelon offical surveillance partnership come to mind: Britain, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. All are English-speaking one-party states, that have a sham democracy with regular voting for mere factions of the same monolithic Cabal. And all have strict gun control (easy after registration), implemented after government sponsored false-flag mass shootings.


  4. If they steal this one, they have to realize that there will no longer be anyone to tell us to “stand down and stand by”.
    They will have proven that there are no rules or laws that they have to follow.
    We should act accordingly.

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  5. While the fat lady ain’t sung she’s certainly in the back warming up her vocal cords. We all know Trump is a fighter. And he will fight. He might even prevail…..but the odds are he’s not going to pull this rabbit out of the hat. The left has had 20 years to create their cheating machine and 4 years to plot in great detail exactly how they were going to pull this theft off. They OWN the FBI, the JustUs Department. They OWN hundreds of Fed judges who WILL issue whatever ruling is required to serve their commie masters needs.

    There are countless anonymous faceless apparatchiks and bureaucrats infesting the swamp ALL doing whatever they can to obstruct Trump and on top of all that the Lame Stream Media whores are nothing but the propaganda machine for the American Communist Party nee Demonrats….they are NOT going to allow the truth about this fraud to see any light they can block. Point of fact if you must line ALL of our enemies up in order of how dangerous they are to our freedom the media whores would likely be the most dangerous. And it would be those talking heads that most deserve to explode in a pink rule 308 mist.

    So smart money says that while Trump is fighting a delaying action this battle is over. And we move on to the next one….the one that will be more ‘kinetic’. Prepare because while we all think
    Biden is nasty perverted POS the ugly reality is he isn’t going to be POTUS. Within weeks of being inaugurated….perhaps even days…..he will either step down or be removed via the 25th Amendment. He IS suffering from obvious senile dementia. So unless the DNC plans on having
    him as a puppet with Horizontal Harris, his wife and other backroom players pulling his strings he is going to go and go soon. And when Harris takes over ALL BETS ARE OFF. She is a TRULY fanatical communist who will never allow anything like rules or laws interfere with her agenda.

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      • Run? Why bother? They don’t need voters anymore. Have an election minute to input 51% on the computer and declare her the winner.
        I’m never voting again, even if they do hold an election.


  6. This from over the pond blogger Duff and Nonsense


    It was not part of their blood,
    It came to them very late,
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    They were not easily moved,
    They were icy — willing to wait
    Till every count should be proved,
    Ere the Saxon began to hate.

    Their voices were even and low.
    Their eyes were level and straight.
    There was neither sign nor show
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not preached to the crowd.
    It was not taught by the state.
    No man spoke it aloud
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not suddenly bred.
    It will not swiftly abate.
    Through the chilled years ahead,
    When Time shall count from the date
    That the Saxon began to hate.

    It takes conservatives a long time to get all ‘het up’. This is that time.

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  7. Right there with you, Phil.

    Hidin’ Biden’s is Not My President©, and he’s never going to be.

    That didn’t change yesterday, nor on Dec. 8th, nor will it next January 20th.

    But if they want to see what happens after brazenly trying to steal the whole damned ball of wax, they can keep pushing it.

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  9. I consider myself fortunate to be in good company here, with adults that have a clear perspective on history and current events.

    As Phil said, the EC has the final determination, and because it is a given that Pres Trump knows more than we do about this, since he is in the thick of it, we need to be patient and let him work the system. Which ain’t fucking easy.

    On that note, I don’t need to discuss that we should be prepared for the backlash when he is actually declared the winner, I just mention this for continuity of conversation, because all of us are already prepared for that.

    Have a good day, everyone, and be safe.


  10. They have already stated that they have plans for us. OAC Tweeted a
    question about preventing their enemies from deleting posts. It was
    answered by someone in a group called the Trump Accountability
    Project who said they have a list and will go after everyone in the
    Trump administration. Keith Olberdouche stated that Trump
    should be removed and Imprisoned immediately. Cameltoe Harris
    stated that the administration would go after their political enemies.
    If you have been reading their words these last 4 years, they hate
    the dirt people who voted for Trump as much as they hate him.

    I can actually see this play out like the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany
    if Biden wins with a unified government. They will hit the ground
    running and jam their entire wet dream list down the throats of
    the American people. Each time they lost in a GOP Midterm
    tsunami, they got angrier, crazier, and steered harder to Port.
    They are no longer a political opposition. In their eyes we
    “rubes” are seen as enemies to be punished or destroyed!

    In the end, we may have to back to Emails on trusted ISPs.
    If that option is closed we might even go back to snail mail
    or become pamphleteers like Thomas Payne. They will
    have the entire apparatus of government to use against
    us like the NSA. Even Bloggers who I saw as the last
    line of defense on the Internet will be spied on shut down.
    These are the stakes if Biden wins. The Democrat party
    has been assimilated by hardcore Stalinist/Maoist radical


    • That cuts both ways; Keith Olberdouche is near the top of my list, too.

      He’s going to find out just how small this country is when someone’s looking for you.


      • ProtonMail is based in Switzerland. I am sure it is quite secure against most forms of hacking and interception. However I DO NOT TRUST the Swiss. They are nice people but mercenary as hell. I have zero doubt the Feds have an under the table agreement with the people there at ProtonMail to give the Feds access to the servers and email traffic.


  11. You know what I think is going to trigger the war?
    Liberals being smug.
    They know they didn’t win some mandate for change, the #s were fake, and they barely squeaked by as it is, but they’re going to use that to rub their (fake) victory in our faces and in their certainty they’re right. Right now, they’re actually talking about locking us up in camps for reeducation, banning us from voting for 20 years, calling us traitors, and literally talking themselves into war with us. Their smugness is going to be their undoing.

    Every election I’ve ever seen, even when we won, we didn’t talk about literally removing the losing side from the country.


  12. Yeah, but but, The Pretender in Chief Addresses The Nation!
    He expertly pandered to the 230 million people who have lost loved ones to the chink lung voting facade aids flu.
    The koolaid carrier press and other sycophants announced there’s an illegal occupant in the white house.
    They have so much concern for we who defy them that they inform us we are to reconcile with them and for what we have done and made them do. Its for our own good dontcha knowd?
    Now we are to shut the fuck up, hand over our ass-halty weapons, and surrender to the demands minion talking pieholes on CNN just like that. Whooda thought that?

    BFYTW assholes.
    Only over my dead fucking body, next to a mountain of your dead bodies, only after my bayonet is snapped off twisting thru your ribs, my rifle stock us broke after using to club your fucking skull into bloody mush, and I’ve runned out of boolits.

    You sure hit it on the noggin there brother Phil; the Electoral College. Absolutely. Just how they get around it is the question dude.

    I do know these things about the Electoral College.
    It’s real funny how they are not mentioned. Of course, the Electors where created by some dead white raaaaycist guys just doing some things.

    The EC’s nothing short of brilliance you ask me. Those dead white guys created the electoral college exactly for this.
    If you notice, how the word Democracy exists not in any founding document?
    If there was one thing our founders where united on was the utter protection and defense against democracy creeping and insinuating itself into our republican form of government or infecting our republic.
    What this election is about is stopping Trump and by direct association, we the people, from re-acquiring our Sovereign, our power, the only legitimate power within the framework of our governments, which the organized crime syndicates, aka the pedo=elites, and their ilk globo=pedo one world order.
    What the dirty stinking fuckers are running here is the illusion that The Mob, ie “Democracy,” has replaced the Sovereign, because they control and use The Mob to do its dirty work, exactly represented in the depravity of violating the sanctity of the franchise of the Sovereign, our vote, our will, as the Sovereign and The Governed, which is a contract of trust whereby we entrust our power as The Sovereign, to representatives we choose thru our vote, our trust, to honestly faithfully not violate our trust, betray our trust, and our Sovereign we lend them, in a binding sworn legal contract, to do a job, in our name and our interests, and no others. Full Stop. This is Representative Government in action. Not mob rule.
    The electoral college, the brilliance of its design and intent, is a barrier to democracy replacing our Sovereign Will. It is the safety behind our Consent. To block mob rule in totality.

    Nothing says anywhere in any founding document the Electoral College must follow the popular vote, or any or all electoral votes must be pledged to anything or anyone, for exactly the reason that the popular vote is so easily used to obtain mob rule. Specifically a mob of 51% of Americans who then have the power absolute, to rule the 49% who refused their consent.
    This is nothing less than the corner block of the foundation of the banana republic, and every other tyranny which needs the mob to successfully usurp, it is the foot in the door to everything our founders created designed and implemented to stop any tyranny from infecting our republic. Democracy, Mob Rule, is anathema to everything about our Sovereign, our consent, our legitimacy of our power as the consenter’s, the primal Unalienable Law of our natural Sovereign existence as free unfettered consenting human entities.
    The whole idea is that nothing is permitted to interfere or limit or fetter or usurp our elemental selves, our activities our thought our speech our property our security our prosperity or our happiness. Only our Republic does this. Everything which violates our Republic’s codes and rule of law, violates us, violates our codes.That includes people who do so, especially people.
    The Electoral College was created and implemented to stop up the loop holes and worm holes, which naturally exist due to the natural depravity of human nature, our republican form of government alone could not prohibit from infecting its existence, there by its malicious or otherwise destruction.

    It has taken from literally before its institution, to today, for tyranny to insinuate and plant its ass within the framework of The Republic.
    This in no way determines an end to our Sovereign, nor Our Republic, if anything it proves the anti-fragile construct of our republic and ordered liberty, that the elements of checks and balances of our republic actually work, function at their best when under the gravest of assault, which in concert with our will, our withdrawal of consent create a much harder nut to crack, if anything, we become what the constitution really means, that we the good folks constitute ourselves into a Legion of Sovereign’s who can not be denied our collective will, our selves as the plurality who are the boss. The big cheese. An unstoppable force unlike any. The electoral college by its nature is similar in its Sovereign, it can not be denied its will.
    This is why the clowns can anoint any skum-bag potentate from their ranks they want, if they want to obtain legitimacy of existence they must garner the Consent of the Electoral College. To do that the mob must be legitimate in its election. A contradiction in terms that has no competition.

    Of course, they might be attempting to create a Potemkin presidency, not bothering with Electoral College consent, and just go straight to full retard banana republic. Bypass the Electoral College, they already bypassed the sanctity of the peoples franchise, its legitimate vote, its only a hop skip & jump over the remaining defensive bulwarks to democracy and its mother tyranny. An option by which they go full retard, and hope they can survive the insurgency and rebellion they create. These clowns to a man are certifiably insane anyways, whats not possible about them going full retard? Nothing after everything they have pulled in us prior.
    It is an option regardless, if so whats going on currently is a screen to distract us long enough they can jump the last shark to dictatorship. Time. They always need time. A perishable resource like no other, time is always against them.
    They certainly have a vast fan club who would be perfectly comfortable with such an option coming to fruition, no more American Republic and its good folks to hinder them in their quest for totalitarian rule over the West. I don’t put nothing past the capability of their auto-degeneracy and depravity, especially its overlords, who are so depraved they are slave masters in the sense they enslave children and babes for their luxury and hedonism; after you commit such a vile crime which has no peer, what the fuck is overthrowing our Republic to you? It’s nothing, just a road bump on the way to ultimate lucre and power.

    But the brilliance of the framers created the ultimate check, they sanctioned the ownership of property as an unalienable and primal right of all Americans, so much so our rifles, our property being the first thing, are the center of our culture, the code upon which all other codes are stacked. Things don’t get any more elemental than our natural right to arms. Nothing else is possible without We, us, owning our own weapons. Everything else is subordinate to this. Our right to arms IS upstream of everything. Which makes our culture upstream of all politics. America would not exist, it would never even be an idea or a theory, if the personal ownership of property, our guns was not central to our history.

    So this is the ultimate test for being the Sovereign, the ultimate exigency, for if the Electoral College in one way or another can not stop mob rule from usurpation, it is our Rifles, our Sovereign existence which are all that stands in the way.

    So in effect there remain two checks, which have always been there, so far so good, though nothing is pleasant about getting down to the two final options of liberty and life and everything you have worked for and stuck to.
    Perseverance and Prudence has done more to protect and defend the Republic than anything and everything else combined and it still is as effective and viable a deterrence. Nothing of that has changed, but good folks become manifest. The truth of that is right in front of us, we are still here and no wheres even remotely toast. The Republic is nothing but for its Sovereign, its good folks who live and die by and for it. So in effect the mob and its overlords can do what they will, unless they kill us all, we are a Republic.
    We have survived E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. before and we will survive these clowns and their clown show.

    BFYTW Bitchez

    This amazing awesome essay published in 1993 is by my reading the finest telling of the story of how we became A Republic. It’s brief and to the point. Written in plain language, the history of where we came from is spellbinding as the links thru time connect in the telling, and it defines everything we are going thru and the answers we all need. Actually it’s knowing our true history which then gives you the mental ability, the mind set to grok the answers we all look for. Because, its not the weapon in the hand that counts, its only a tool, its the weapon between the ears that is so absolutely lethal.


    David E. Vandercoy
    Copyright © 1994 Valparaiso Univ. Law Review

    ‘A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.’


    • The Electoral College might be used to get around the voting fraud.
      Slim hopes on might long odds.

      As Wilford Brimley said in The Electric Horseman, “I wouldn’t be getting my hopes up.


      • Remember, they want people to feel resistance is futile. They need to make people hopeless. They can not win going toe to toe with us. They are trying to use Psy-ops to psyc enough people out into giving up without the tiniest resistance, and being afraid to fight back and win. Afraid of success.

        Not for nothing, your comment does service to them. Don’t be a pussy brother, don’t let them get the best you got.
        Grab your fucking ball sack and fight.
        Say BFYTW, and “I Won’t!”

        Resistance to tyranny in all its forms is not only Fertile, its the most legitimate thing imaginable. You have to fight back to win. You do want to win don’t you?

        So, Lets Win!


        • Growing up as the runt of my class I learned early on that “I WON’T” are the most powerful words in the language. You can beat me to a bloody pulp, but you can’t make me…..


  13. For an expert military account what fighting 4th Generation war against a large state tyrannical regime looks like, this is a very good essay on insurgency war of resistance to tyranny.
    It takes place in Afghanistan when the old Communist Soviet regime invaded and what the Afghan Mujahideen did, what they faced, and how effective LIC, low intensity warfare is which they waged as their patriotic fight against tyranny. Their religious ideology notwithstanding, the Afghan Mujahideen of the time was not much different in its ordeal fighting the Russian State, than what we potentially face here in America if a Biden Regime somehow manages to usurp power from us the American people.
    The similarities are stark, brutal, the insurgency tactics of the Afghan Mujahideen freedom fighters are not much different than can be logically and historically surmised would transpire in our country.
    If anything, it’s not any exaggeration or stretch of the imagination as American freedom fighters the good folks fighting the good fight for good government would be far more effective, think winning attitudes and mindset, coupled with our materiel wealth, industrial plant and tech resources, the general level of education, high and low tech skills and organic open source contemporary maker craft potential, combined with our natural industrial creativity and ingenuity, and our wonderful improvisational character, we too will defeat the regime. The Mujahideen worked with almost primitive barely industrial revolution level resources, and eventually killed so many Russians and their proxies they gave up and went home.
    I think they one asset the Afghan Mujahideen had in a similar LIC here in America there is no present indication it could be an asset, is outside large state support in the form of high tech weapons and standard munitions supply the Mujahideen received from the west, mostly thru the CIA at the time.
    Yet, when you consider the pros and cons, and who or what could be of outside assistance, American freedom Fighters may be perfectly capable of winning without such an outside resource.
    I think too its a most plausible observation our military would eventually fracture is such a way that those who come over to the side of freedom will bring much material assets and munitions/resources with them whenever feasible.

    In any case, this essay is a highly instructional and cautionary tale which happened relatively recently in historical terms. I’ve fond it a fascinating superb work of insight into 4 G warfare at the violent armed conflict stage. Much of which correlates to our future tribulation breathing down our throats. The Biden figure-headed regime attempting to obtain the power of the oval office represents the the most extreme potential such a marxian ideological derived regime could transpire in our present political cultural climate. Which in itself speaks volumes to the veracity and lessons inherent in this essay to be garnered as a vital prep in our kit if we are to fight the regime and win.
    Certainly the institutional corruption of the organized crime structure of the old commie Soviet has uncanny similarity to our most recent home soil regimes who have usurped and occupied the oval office, and underlie the machinations of the swamp as a supporting underwing asset, and a very similar Amerikan Nomenklatura class in the form of the so called deep state which infests the federal government and many state/local governments at all managerial and executive/judicial/legislative staff levels. The Clinton crime family syndicate really set the final groundwork for subsequent regimes, the Bush regime certainly did its part with 911 and the imposition of the insidious so called con of the Patriot Act, which open the flood gates for the intelligence community finally being able to bring home their regime change experience and knowledge to our home soil to do their dirty deeds without interference limitations and a vast umbrella of plausible deniability.
    The obot regime, well what can you say about the globo=pedo Soros proxy marxist messiah and his red diaper baby administration, and its Clinton crime faction running the international arms, influence racketeering, and human trafficking conduits thru the State Dept. and AG/FBI/BLM/IRS/DOE,(both DOE’s) and EPA agencies.

    I’d say with no, zero, reservation the groundworks been laid for LIC 4G warfare on Sovereign soil.
    Nothing I’ve read contains as much and as large a scope of how such an insurgency war of liberty verses tyranny would evolve, and its outcome in America in our present time.



    by Major Edward B. Westermann

    This manuscript analyzes the failure of Soviet air and ground forces to defeat the Afghan mujahideen during the nine-year Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. In pursuit of this objective, Soviet military strategy underwent a process of increasing radicalization that eventually resulted in a sanctioned policy of terror by Soviet air and land forces. During this period, airpower played a critical role in this campaign of terror by providing the platforms for punitive bombardment, chemical attack, aerial mining, troop insertion, and fire support. The ability of a relatively ill-equipped and technologically inferior opponent to force the eventual withdrawal of one of the world’s most vaunted military powers has broader implications for contemporary political and military leaders. Soviet military operations against the mujahideen in Afghanistan, from December 1979 until the withdrawal of the Limited Contingent of Soviet Forces in February 1989, provide an instructive case study for evaluating the efficacy of airpower as an instrument of coercion. The Afghanistan example offers an excellent historical case for measuring the inherent limitations of airpower as a coercive instrument in the conduct of counterinsurgency operations.


    How this document slipped past the gatekeepers and can be freely disseminated by the public is a great boon to all who wish to study such warfare and its effects from actual events in relative recent history. Especially as, though it probably is not some covert attempt to give access to such information, but you never know, it is a manuscript from inside the .mil temple of how The State is vulnerable to defeat and how the LIC insurgent can win.
    Regardless, I’ll bet a left nut the PTB within the .mil because of their ignorance of 4G warfare and consistent undermining and or elimination of COIN assets, and the cadre experienced in such conflict is such a perishable warrior profession, the tribal knowledge of which must be relearned with every need and still it gets short shift, is due to the mighty military industrial complex and its stranglehold on tactics and strategy, in order to suck up every .mol buck possible, political special interest and influence racketeering which abhors the doctrinal value and most essential element of operational war, Small Unit Infantry Combat Tactics. The “primitive”, Afghan Mujahideen show us how its done.

    I know first hand from partaking of Max Velocities Small Unit Infantry Combat Tactic courses and reading of his and other teachers who have accomplished a brilliant improvisational adaptation of large state military light infantry tactics and doctrine, into a unique form which fits the Citizen Solder/Warrior, freedom fighter, needs and unique requirements which deviate from the SOP of our US military. Max and a few others have created an entire legion of self armed self geared self supplied and self trained Patriots who are the nucleus of a truly unique leaderless small unit infantry army, the largest best armed, and uniquely train force of 4th Generation trained and skilled citizens of any origins or type in history.
    And I can say as a member citizen soldier who has taken this serious as a fucking heart attack, it is a naturally discreet and nebulous yet catalyzing cadre, a real Legion of fighting citizen warriors.
    First reading Major Westerman’s essay I was blown away by the parallels to our present/future history, that it is prologue is another uncanny feature of Westerman’s works. It sure did give a level of credence about those who ignore history take the dirt nap first that is undeniable. Gives solid truth in historical form to so much of Max’s and other teachers of small unit infantry tactics for civilians.
    And its a pretty awesome story in its own right. The author doesn’t waste a single word. And Word in the best Praxis sense it is. I’ve read it about 10 times and each read it gets better as I learn and disseminate the lessons within.
    Hope it provides you who read it too with the same.
    The mind is the true weapon. To be Forewarned is to be Forearmed.
    We are all in this together.

    BFYTW is why.

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