16 thoughts on “Just, Stop

  1. It Looks like something I’d do, except the knife doesn’t have a huge hole burned in it, and I would have spent time with a grinder,,
    Didn’t decrease the functionality of that multi tool, IMO.
    Their popularity boggles my mind.


  2. I am an amateur welder but even I could have laid down a better bead than
    that. I worked with a dude named Tad, he was the best welder I ever knew.
    He cut templates for pipe joints at 22.5, 45, and 90 degrees for every single
    combination of pipe sizes (including different sizes) to 16 inches. Every
    (Mig, Tig, and Arc) weld was a perfect roll of dimes. If I had his skills, I
    could have made a lot more money in the trades!


    • You wanna know about an abomination? I worked with people
      who owned those factory-made Crescent hammers with a
      slotted screwdriver at the bottom of the handle. It gets
      fucking worse. Imagine looking into a coworkers toolbox
      and seeing one of those multi-size dime-store Chink
      dogbone wrenches!


  3. LOL, homegroan version of the Chinesium multitools I’ve picked up cheap at a knife/swordsmith’s table at conventions. One is a plain mulltitool… except one end is a baby hatchet. (You never have a big chopping implement handy when you’re horsing small screws around, right?)

    The other is the same, except a claw-hammer – and a ratchet built into the hammer head. I guess if you can’t get the thing loose correctly, you beat it into submission…

    Next: multi/hammer/ratchet/pocket torch. “Shit, not a screw head. Don’t have the right socket. No space to swing. Fuckit, BURN BABY BURN!”


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