19 thoughts on “Where To Even Start?

    • And a front line foot soldier for Antifa. The irony of this is that
      these people are sucking on the government tit. These weird
      creatures are rebelling against a society that is keeping them
      fed. If Joe Biden wins, and his puppeteers create a “workers
      paradise,” these morons are in for a fucking rude awakening!”
      It is hard (if not fatal) to rebel against a socialist system that
      will force these freaks to work!


  1. “It” is trying to make a statement, but I’ll be darned if I know what that statement is…
    Whatever it is, I don’t want to hear it and I couldn’t care about It!


  2. I was walking my dog one time, and up ahead of us at a bus stop was a goth chick, black everything and a scowl that would stop a clock. My dog wouldn’t go within 30 feet of her. We had to cross the street to go around. I doubt that we could get within 50 feet of this….whatever it is. Dogs know.


  3. I’m thinkin people like Gucci pay “models” to go out dressed in this shit. Does anyone actually do it on their own? Maybe a couple.
    Then again, my 43 yr old stepson says guys in his age group are wearing fucking Capri pants.


  4. Idiot. Xe will have to be on xir feet all day.
    You can’t sit down in a velour skirt. The fabric crushes something awful.

    More seriously, this is what you get when you outsource education and popular culture to people who are: a) several standard deviations (heh) above the general population for perversion, and b) full of resentment and paranoid aggression.


  5. He looks like hes playing at looking ‘crazy.’ Crazy eyes like that throat slashing Knox girl, but hes too clean and well groomed. Mismatched shoes, but they’re the same size and on the correct feet. Too deliberate. The outfit is too put together, and there is no food or other debris on it. He has clean socks. No sale.
    – ER Nurse


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