Pennsylvania Attorney General Calls The Election For Biden, Election Day Is Tomorrow (Updated with LMAO Goodness!)

Josh Shapiro@JoshShapiroPA·If all the votes are added up in PA, Trump is going to lose. That’s why he’s working overtime to subtract as many votes as possible from this process. For the record, he’s 0-6 against us in court. We’ve protected voting rights. Now, ignore the noise—vote!

This Goober is talking a lot of shit.

Biden shit the bed and then rolled around in it when Trump hammered him about his multiple earlier statements about him wanting to eliminate completely or at least phase out Fracking in a historically oil producing state.

Biden tried denying it and the next day the videos were all over the internet.

Trump has also been campaigning like a meth crazed ferret there so this ain’t over by any stretch of the imagination.

Just like here in Washington state, where our Attorney General is a spittle flecked gun hating Commie Bastard, it seems Pennsylvania is in desperate need of some serious political change.

I guess we are going to find out tomorrow.

Either way I still think Trump is going to win reelection running away.


16 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Attorney General Calls The Election For Biden, Election Day Is Tomorrow (Updated with LMAO Goodness!)

  1. I am hoping there is a wide spread effort in all the states, to remove by any means necessary these communist pigs that have weaseled their way into office, especially with soro’s money, be it mayor, district attorney, State attorney general, even the damn dog catcher, if he/she/it/zit is a communist, remove with extreme prejudice.


  2. Fracking.
    Other than myself on this blog, how many people actually understand how it works? I believe there should be a few of us here, and I spent over fifteen years involved in it, specifically in fracturing, coiled tubing, acidizing and liquid nitrogen pumping. The concept is very simple, yet the nuances and details are staggering in number! Yet overall, if people want their food for cheap, computers, vehicles – everything for the common man, and not have such the remote priviledge of the absolute elites, fracking helps accomplish that without punching holes every five hundred feet.
    For such a small State, Pennsylvania has a MAJOR impact on the industry at a global level. Judging from this man’s comments, I highly recommend he pass a drug test before leaving his house. These are not words from someone who is supposedly in touch with the wishes of voters.


  3. “everything for the common man, and not have such the remote privilege of the absolute elites” Thompson, you hit it on the head with that statement. The elites don’t want us to have cars and computers and some of the nicer things in life. They want us in 10 story walk up, cold water tenements and eke out a bare existence and not be able to think for ourselves. The elites want what is left of us crammed together and then pull out those that have some use as domestics and mechanics to keep their homes clean and their vehicles running and their vast estates manicured.


    • I think at the heart of it, it is about depopulation. Glow Bull warming can only be stopped if there are less people on the planet, is my guess as to what and how the people directing things think.


  4. See my electoral map in the post above. About Pennsylvania, I am not at
    all worried. Trump won every Rust Belt state and coal-state but Minnesocold
    and Virginia. He appealed to the working class Joe’s who saw millions of
    their jobs shipped to China, Mexico, and other countries. The blue-collar
    workers are going to remember this tomorrow. This election may shock
    the world! Do you remember the libtard constitutional illiterates who were
    calling President Trump an illegitimate president because he did not win
    the popular vote?

    He may win the popular vote this time. Some of the big blue cities are
    seeing massive pro-Trump rallies. Most states are winner take all. If
    he wins, there is a good chance he will win the popular vote as well.


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