16 thoughts on “Here’s Yer Sign

  1. Is this what they mean by the “New Green?” Wouldn’t bother me to go back to horse and surrey. Can you mount a stereo in one? Is there a thing called Amish Hip hop? Ya know it ain’t over till the fat lady sings, but in our case it will be the wanna be black commie that will have to sing.


        • Hailing originally from Amish country,I’m pretty sure those buggies have a battery system to power their lighting.
          That said an MP3 player and a blue tooth speaker would have them rocking.

          Those young uns are a different breed for a couple few years.


    • After doing Farrier work for a couple years, I figured out why there weren’t many fellows over five and a half feet high – I’m well over six feet. Yes, going back to horse and buggy would be better for us mentally, however the transition back to where people would need to be patient for anything to happen would be crippling for the majority.
      All that aside, when those very respectable, quiet and gentle people are seen expressing their views publicly, you know beyond a doubt they are aware of the dangers in casting a vote for Communism.

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  2. Paging Mr egorr, Mr egorr: I’m not yet fit enough to go shopping for modern comms hardware, and this Chinesium Nokia only displays text and still images, if it can connect to a website in the first place, and I can see it on a 4 x 7cm screen! So no shopping with it, and very little site surfing. However, I scored a free 6S iPhone, so I’ll go over to The Dark Side! Please bear with me man, this thing doesn’t have buttons on the front, so I can’t work it!?! The thing appears to only have been used as a phone, go figure that. It doesn’t have a browser installed, so should I believe Siri and buy one from Apple, or is there a better way? Which browser should I get to do the job as a small tablet, and is it possible to have security, considering it’s from Apple anyway? Should I disable that dopey moll Siri, again re security concerns, or is it pointless to battle the undead Steve Jobs? I’ll sincerely appreciate your advice if possible, or others if they want to chip in. And yes, I really am as backward as Heckle & Jeckle (a.k.a. Cederq and Deathray) portray me as being!


    • I refused a “smartphone” for many years because I refused to be texting with my thumbs. I still say typing (what we called keyboarding back then) was the most valuable course I took in high school.
      When I finally relented and got the damn smartphone, I also got a bluetooth keyboard that works well for texting anything beyond a short sentence, but it’s a clumsy thing to haul around. There is a line above the tiny phone keyboard that is “predictive text” and it is pretty handy for picking the word I want after a couple letters.
      As for Apple, I’ve never touched it, everything I use is Android, so you’ll need an Apple fanboy to weigh in with that advice. As for learning to use the thing, that’s what grandkids are best at.


    • Cederq,
      Browsers for cell phones are notoriously bad, I stick to laptops and tablets. If you insist on browsing using a phone, put Firefox on it instead of Apple’s browser (Safari). Follow the security step on this site to lock down your iphone:

      To get Firefox for iphone 6:

      Stay the hell away from anything Chrome or Google-based applications if possible. If you don’t have The Apps Store on your iPhone, you may have to do a factory reset and start over. There are a number of sites on the Interwebbies that step you through (re)installation, you’ll have to find them using a laptop or desktop to access the instructions. Failing that, you can drive up here to Spokane and I can install what you need…

      Did I tell you that I hate Apple? I hate Apple. I’m a ‘driod person, especially since I like Unix/Linux and Android is based on Linux.


      • Sorry, John-o, I had Cederq on the brain – skip the travel to Spokane. Find a good nerd near you and see wat the poor sod can do for you. They’ll probably be 12-16 years old, BTW… have pity on them…


  3. Cool egorr, thanks for the advice. Please feel free to tell Cederq what he should be doing at any time it strikes you as a good idea. I will buy myself a tablet pc, I’ll be able to use it while supine. I may even shop online for one via the iPhone, it will be less painful then trying to walk into a store. I’ll try to find a redhead female nerd about 30 years older than you suggest!


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