10 thoughts on “Be Ready For It

  1. This statement brings together all the rumors we have been hearing as of late about the demonuts and the proposed law-fare and ballot stuffing and more nefarious misdeeds that they have in the wings. I am sure the bonds that have held us, the Right back from taking care of business will come off because WE said they are off. We will not care anymore. No boot licking demonut prosecuting attorneys or state attorneys will survive it either with the law degree or life intact, bet on buttercups!


  2. More like let the games begin. Hugh Hewett wrote a book called If It Ain’t Close
    They Can’t cheat. No Republican presidential candidate from Eisenhower to
    W ever had this kind of enthusiasm and passion behind them. It is a grassroots
    movement the likes of which we have never seen. a president who could
    draw a 25 mile long rally, timed to meet a flotilla of boats in San Deigo. There
    were miles long sidewalk rallies and caravans in Beverley Hills, Malibu,
    Oceanside, Riverside, Newport Beach, Cucamonga.and other deep blue

    Arizona had a 95 mile long Trump caravan, and these rallies are popping up
    in blue states and cities all over America. This is not an election, it is a
    fucking movement! Here are my projections: With several outstanding
    states, here is my electoral map:



  3. Phil, already past 14.00hr Tues arvo here in tropical north Queensland. If Cederq sends me $50, I’ll provide him the election results 18 hours early in just 4 hours time! Of course, I’ll cut you an earner. Hey, I can do the same with lotto numbers, horse races too! (all care, but no responsibility taken)


  4. I just have to route it through Phil, then Notwende, then via the Cayman Is.,..WHOA, looks like Joe just had a massive stroke during a cross to the counting aggregator. Funny, he seemed fine until Hillary handed him a glass of milk. Oh, she and Kamala are consoling each other, trying to smile through their grief. I’ll get back to you.


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