Open Thread, Update Us On What You Are Seeing In Your Neck Of The Woods

Steve The Engineer suggested that I do this again and I think he has a good idea.

We are two days away from the most important election of our lifetimes and to put it bluntly, shit is getting weird.

I know ANTIFA and Co. have been in my AO for the last 3 nights.

Fistfights, pepper spray and the usual screaming matches between them and a bunch of locals.

Following the lead of those spineless Commie Fucks over in Portland, the local elected officials have tied the hands of our Law Enforcement people to go in, crack a few skulls and haul a bunch of these cretins off to the local Hoosegow.

Since I am clear across to the other side of town from this shit show all I have been doing is keeping a much closer eye on who has been coming and going in and out of my immediate neighborhood.

You couldn’t pay me to go down there and get in the middle of that bullshit.

If and when the shooting starts I will be more than happy to let all of those so inclined to be there to thin their own herds.

I expect more of this to go on as Election day approaches.

So what are you guys seeing?

Hearing anything we should be aware of?

If you have been lurking here for some reason now would be a very good time to be rid of your shyness and jump right in to the conversation.

We may be a bit rough around the edges and not exactly fit for High Society but as far as I know, nobody here has bitten anyone, yet.

142 thoughts on “Open Thread, Update Us On What You Are Seeing In Your Neck Of The Woods

    • Hey Mike, I’m just north of you, up in Rockport. Ammo is pretty skosh here as well, but everything else is on the shelves. I’ll say this – I’ve never seen so many signs up for a Republican in very-blue Maine. Had several of my signs pulled down, but I just go get more & put them back up. All the Biden robots are just rich, old-white-guilt-slaves trying to virtue-signal that they’re “good people”, even though they’re not. Fuck, I hate cowards more than any tyrant.

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    • Went in to Wallyworld in Brewer Me yesterday to pick up a few things, and went to the firearms section to see if they still had them in the warehouse.
      It looked like they hadn’t put anything out yet, but when I asked the associate, he said “This is all I got left”.
      Two boxes of ammo on the shelves, and about six or seven guns in the case.
      As it turned out, the two boxes were .17WSM.
      I’ve got plenty of ammo from the Obama days, but I couldn’t resist buying them.
      That B Mag is a great little gun for varmints all the way up to coyotes, and a real screamer too.


  1. Going to be a warm week up here.

    Perfect week for the Floydites to burn down the Twin Shitties again.

    Need to sight in the red-dot and reconfirm the deer rifles, wind has been hellacious lately, which doesn’t bode well with all the grass and crops that haven’t been harvested if the firebugs get out of the concrete jungle.

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  2. Over on the dry side from you Phil. Really small community with miles of scattered farms dotting the emptiness. Strangers stick out like a sore thumb and we’ve been seeing more of them on the main drag, which isn’t more than a mile long. They seem surprised there’s no fast food joints around and unless they want to pitch a tent in the local park or a wheat field there’s no where for them to stay. So they usually keep moving on to where ever they think they’re going.

    Antifa or blm type of bullshit is non existent or so small as to not merit mention. With that said there is a quiet watchfulness and an almost palatable tension in the air that seems to be merging to unease/fear on the part of most folks. That could be attributed to having a very large senior demographic per capita. I know me and mine are carrying every waking hour and at night there’s something under the pillow and on the night stand as well as standing in the corner of every room.

    Hardly any yards signs one way or the other but a lot of folks are leftists even though the county generally goes red. When I wear my Trump 2020 hat I usually manage to get a few stares but so far no one has apparently felt the urge to try knocking it from my head. They know not to fuck with this old man. Our votes, at a national level, don’t matter anyway due to the influence of the state of king county and which way “they” vote and depending on how many trunk fulls of ballots they find during the recounts.

    We only make a town/store run about once a week to ten days or so but the shelves seem to have everything stocked, not that we need much as we raise and grow most of what we need on the food front. Paper products, first aid and cleaning supplies have always been in stock. That’s the only place that I wear a mask and I only do that to keep SWMBO happy. It is fun trolling those younger folks by wearing my Trump cap though.

    One thing that is in short supply around here is being able to get an animal carcass processed. All the custom cutters here are out to February or later before they can take an order to process a new carcass. We avoid that by having our own cold room/processing area for hanging beef, pork and wild game so it’s one more thing we don’t have to depend on anyone else for. If anyone was interested in building their own cold room I’m willing to share the details of our experience and how I went about it and it’s a lot cheaper than what someone would think.

    It’s the start, middle, nearly the end or almost ready to start of several hunting seasons. Me and mine are gearing up for two weeks of mountain camping during during our elk season so hopefully I’ll be back around the 20th of November with some hunting lies err, stories.

    Ammo is unobtainium almost everywhere and what is available is usually oddball stuff but I can’t remember the last time I purchased boxed ammo and I’m not too worried about being able to reload. Guns are everywhere and nowhere at the same time because guns just are not made a big thing around here. No one pays attention to whether someone is carrying or not and even though open carry is legal, for being a very rural area, the only guns I see out and about are ours and a few long guns here and there with the hunters. I do pity any poor fool that would mistake the sleepy demeanor of the area for it being an easy target for violence or other nonsense.

    Well like most of you I’m waiting with watchful eyes for what may come with this next election but unless it really ramps up on Wednesday or Thursday I won’t know about it until late this month as my hunting area doesn’t have any cell service and I won’t be coming out of the mountains to check the news.

    Good luck and God speed to all of you out there. See you on the other side.


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    • Thanks for the update on your area and I am especially glad that you and yours seem to be in good shape. I have been wondering about you for a while now but I know you are always crazy busy so I don’t want to bother you.
      Good hunting and keep your eyes open.


      • Never a bother Phil, any time for whatever is on your mind, you just won’t get a response after Wednesday until Nov 20th

        Stay safe over there, the crazies aren’t that far away.



    • Working on a two-farm kill floor/cutting room/smokehouse/storage locker. Biggest issue is the refrigeration unit, can build around that. Where did you go for compressor and heat exchange units (presumably used)? Most of the dying restaurants are selling for scrap aluminum b/c crude demo. Thinking of a 3-phase motor on the refrigeration unit with a VFD since it will probably be running fans too. Your thoughts?


      • I’ll be honest with you, what I built probably won’t scale up to your needs for carcass weights from the sounds of it. The room I built is intended to process only one or two carcasses at a time for personal use. It sounds like your operation will be much larger than that.

        My cold room is only 550 cubic feet and suitable for up to 1800 to 2400 lbs of carcass weight at any given time. We generally are only hanging one beef animal at a time couple times a year or maybe a couple of deer or elk. Same with hogs I could process a couple at a time easy but we only go through about one hog a year.

        I help a friend of mine that has a custom cutting operation. We can process up to 9 hogs or 4 beef a day from kill to cold room and he has the room to hang up to 10+ beef in his cold room plus several hogs. To move to his size of operation requires commercial refrigeration and unfortunately I don’t have any concrete info on the mechanics/specs of his equipment. I do know it runs off 3 phase.

        In my operation I use two PID controller/thermocouple configurations ($50 each) to control two 10,000 watt A/C units that I had laying around on the shelf. This is suitable to drop carcass heat from kill temp to 37 degrees F. on the surface and 39 degrees F at the bone in a 24 hour period of time. If we process less than 1000 lbs carcass weight we can get by running only one of the units. Over that we need to run both units.

        If someone is interested I can follow up with details on how to configure the controllers and A/C units and what I had to do to make it all work.


        ps don’t get discouraged if I don’t get back right away. I’m only two days from taking off for a couple of weeks and time is really getting compressed with going over gear and supply lists and loading everything up.


  3. I live in Genoa.Illinois. Small town , about 50 miles from shit a Gogo. American flags are unmolested here. I am locked and loaded , I suspect the entire town is ready to rock
    Bring it

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  4. All is cool in the West Palm Beach area of FL. All people of all races are going about their regular business. This area is so mixed with different people that nobody appears to give a fuck. I will vote for Trump but Palm Beach County is blue overall. No protesters on the street at all which is a good sign. Stocked up with plenty of vodka on the top floor of a 3 story condo. Let the games begin!

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  5. Here in the middle of nowhere, NV there are lots of Trump signs. I’ve only seen one Biden sign and I think that was the Democrat headquarters in Gardnerville. We have four full time neighbors and they all are voting Trump. I’m going to Carson City tomorrow for last minute shopping in case things go crazy. We are stocked up, have boom sticks in the corner of every room, lots of water and food. A whole house propane generator and two 500 gal propane tanks. The chickens are still producing at full capacity even though it is freezing at night and dark early. Don’t work so hard, chickens!! We did have someone paint F*** Trump in the paved street two blocks over and our neighbor went and painted over it “Vote for Trump”. I never wear a mask at Walmart but they force me at Costco so I have a shear, green sparkly one that is even more worthless than the dirty cloth ones everyone wears. I’m counting on a Trumpslide and the snowflakes freaking out.

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  6. I’m in Southwestern Idaho. This week I bought a pair of black rifles and 400 rounds of ammo.

    I don’t expect any shenanigans up here. Too many locals carry everyday for those AntiFa twats to try anything.

    Mask protocols are starting to unravel as well. Grocery stores with signs out front and people just ignore it now. The clerks I’ve seen won’t challenge you either.

    I fully expect idiocy in many areas. Just not here.

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  7. Nothing going on up in the middle of AK and I don’t expect anything Tuesday or later. Rioting here will just your ass shot. That and the snow isn’t the only reason they call it “The Great White North”.


  8. Still quiet in Genoa, Ill. Lots of farmland between here and any large cities.If there is any trouble, it would most likley be in DeKalb. University town


  9. I’m in rural Rowan County North Carolina and it’s pretty much Trump country here. The antifa/blm crowd would be very foolish to start anything here. Ammo is scarce but most of us see this stuff coming and have taken steps to prepare just in case. So far no shortages of paper products.

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  10. Greeting from Pittsburgh, as usual if the end of the world happens, we will find out about 5 years from now. More seriously the city has warned downtown business to be prepared for protests, and although Pittsburgh is one of those blue blobs that make PA a swing state, the democrats here are mostly the sons and daughters of union steelworkers who vote can not bring themselves to vote any other way, but seem to have absolutely no enthusiasm for the Democratic party and are as likely to be armed and prepared for trouble as the Republicans. Having watched a truck with a panel truck Trump sign above the cab parked on the side of the road with the “crew” busy pulling up Trump signs and replacing them with signs for the local Democrat running for the state house, I gather not even the Democrats are thrilled with the top of the ticket.

    On the home front, there don’t seem to be any shortages of anything important, I think the grocery stores are less likely to be taken by surprise and know, that in the event of an emergency, people poop! Ammo arrives reliably by mail, I’m not sure I would count of any of the local guns shops if I needed more, they seem to be brokering mail order supplies. If I get bored I might take a ride down to Cabela’s just to see what they have on the shelf.


  11. Here in the Buckeye hills things are spotty in a few grocery stores but most are stocked up quite well. The antifa folk stay in the big hives and there is no mention of blm here . Ammo is unobtanium of course in these parts but the UPS truck has haunted these hills for years running back and forth from sgammo so nothing but 10 years of war will deplete these hill folk. Black Walnuts are going for $12 per shelled pound this year and the kids have more spending cash than I do.Local crop was especially heavy so I look for a hard winter . The local village has traffic jams , traffic is so heavy . 29 camp grounds in this county and nearly every one has maximum occupancy as the hive dwellers scurried in to flee the coming festivities . They have to do with hauling water in the deep winter but that does not deter them. Me thinks they know something is amiss in the hives . Trump signs everywhere with only three Bidens I have seen in this whole county . Target practice has all but stopped in these parts and I suspect it is the shortage dampening enthusiasm because normally you hear shots every day and twice on Sunday. Cops are cruising in pairs and most in undercover vehicles . Deer are a hazard they are so thick and the freezers will be full. May Gawd bless America again !


  12. SE OK is ok. I don’t expect much to happen here but God help somebody if the try to burn, loot or murder. That simply will not fly. Oh yeah, everyone including women are armed.


  13. Here in central Texas; next to the “Great Place”, there seems to be; 1) about half the homes didn’t have ‘their porch lights on” for the trick or treaters. Funny that; there is a silent, underlying fear amongst the residents regarding covid. The amount of folks wearing their masks is way over 90% And the ones wearing masks while driving….seesh 10%. Also,the amount of kids out collecting their sugar tax was way down this year. We usually dispense about 4 large bags of candy; this year barely 2 bags. 2) I’m beginning to notice more biden/harris signs. I don’t know if it’s because they are so noticeable due to the multitude of Trump signs or what. But in my travels around central Texas; the demoncrats are getting more demonstrative. 3) Boxes of ammo!?!?!? Heh, yeah right; the stores around the “Great Place” aint gots none. I have to travel an hour west of here and then I still have to pay over $40 for a box of Blazer 45 cal.
    All in all; Trump will win this area. God willing and the Creek don’t rise; he will win the country.


  14. Extreme NW Florida here. Haven’t even looked at the ammo sections around here, whether wally world or gun stores…I have a shit ton already. Most hasn’t even been taken out of the spam cans. Still have boxes of several calibers of brass and 12 gauge shot-shells for reloading, if necessary.
    In central and northern Escambia county, folks are pretty much 80%-90% conservative; south of I-10, the closer you get to the beach, is where the blue heads collect. They know better than to come up to the boonies and swamps and act a fool.
    It’s getting a little quiet up here on the north of I-10 area, almost like the holding of the breath to see if the “hurricane” is coming our way or if it will pass us by. There are a shit ton of “Trump 2020” and “Black Voices for Trump” signs up here near the voting stations, but everyone seems to be kind of digging in for Tuesday night onward for a few days. I can guarantee you though, IF somehow they call the race for Trump Tuesday night, it will sound like D-day with fireworks and gun fire…partly in celebration, and partly in warning to the potential rioters to not fuck around and find out.
    Daughter got me a big ass bottle of Kraken rum, so tomorrow night, I’ll sip a few while watching the results, just so if the party kicks off, I will be mellow enough not to get the “happy shakes” when the reticle finds the lucky winner.
    Pucker up and remember, if necessary, aim small, miss small.


  15. Too quiet – like the calm before the storm. Shelves on stores full, no panic buying evident. Ammo almost ‘unobtanium,’ and we’ve got an unusual cold front for this time of year. Those who wish to be prepped, are. Lotta normalcy bias, lotta Trump support, too. Obama/Biden had about 200-300 people at their rally in Detroit; Trump had multiple thousands wherever he went. He’ll finish in Grand Rapids today sometime. Huge crowds expected. Meanwhile, our communist governor who gets her cues from the wicked witch of the West, had her health department mandate taking full names and phone numbers of any restaurant or bar patron for, ‘contact tracing’ with $1,000 fine and/or 6 months in prison for non-compliance.

    Same old same old. Will see what happens tomorrow and after…


  16. Middle of MI
    Canning jars and ammo are pretty slim. There has been a rush on bread and canned goods lately. Lots of lottery tickets for those who partake…



  17. Here in rural NE Texas everything seems normal. Being 50 miles from Dallas is a real blessing. PDJT carried my county with about 78% in 2016 and I expect a little better result for 2020. Ammo is, of course, hard to find but I think that was the plan. So everyone I know stocked up early. HellMart seems to be fairly well stocked with canned goods and such. Keeping eyes and ears open for just in case type scenarios.


  18. Transatlantic Sitrep from The Land of Beer and Leather Pants:

    Media coverage overwhelming for Buy-den and Cum-ala.

    No guns…no ammo. Rocks’n’sticks, and one may not carry those.

    Imported specialists multiplying prodigiously.

    Stand To! America. You are our Bastion. Once you fall, it’s gloves off, everywhere.


  19. Virginia Beach is quiet. They tried to riot once at the tourist beach oceanfront. New Police Chief does not put up with that shit around here (unlike the former). Been relatively quiet since. Richmond is a fuck show though.

    Ammo is avail but you sign a second mortgage on your home to buy 100 rds. WalMart does not have any ammo or guns on the shelves anymore, scared someone will loot them and take it all.

    Will see what happens on Wednesday…..should be a hoot.


  20. Phil,

    Notwithstanding the possibility that I got this link – bookmarked at the time – Anyway notwithstanding I got it from ‘here’ in the first place I got to thinking just now it might could be useful to this thread:

    Stay vigilant fellows and, stay safe. If you suspect any possibility of anything going haywire some little bit of caution drilled into me a long time ago – Verify before reacting.


  21. Here in Southern Ohio near the River nothing exciting is happening. Seems the rioters are afraid to come here and ply their trade. Guess they want to be able to return home afterwards. Punk ass bitch boys and meth heads.


  22. Up here in the Bruce Peninsula of semi-northern Ontario Can-eh-da…lot of conservative folk up here…its deer hunting week…hunters up here dont like what Turdeau proposing re: taking firearms from us and registering what we allowed to keep…but the gist I get from those I talk to and work with (a lot got stickers on hardhats saying Trump 2020)…we cant vote for Trump being Canadian but by God …we on the Trump side…the more he brings jobs back home and turn the economy around…in the long run that policy gonna force our governments to do the same…its convoluted but it makes sense….God Bless America and overall God Bless all North America

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  23. Hi Phil,
    Reporting from the Peoples Republic of New Jersey, southern district. So far all is quiet. No yard signs except for the local vermin running for office. Nothing boarded up through the middle of town so far, although most of the smaller mom and pop shops left awhile ago. Local big box China outlets appear to be well stocked. Food stores now seem to be stocking smaller containers of goods ie: peanut butter, cereal. Same price but smaller quantities. Other foods like meats the prices are going way up. Ammo and weapons have been in very short supply. If you didn’t get it before you are not going to get it now. Strangely quiet. We are ~50 mi from Philadelphia and ~40 mi from AC. Topped of preps today. Locked and loaded. God speed Phil. Stay frosty.

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      • I think they shot their wad when Biden won the nomination and
        picked Cameltoe Harris as his running mate. Having a brain-
        addled dunce in the White House was their strategy. The
        Democrat party, headed by the Ubangi/Clinton crime families
        then put Harris up as a backup plan.

        Plan C is to fuck with the ballots, but this is easier said than


  24. Read Kim’s post and think that if it is really happening, may it become a torrent from all countries, shipping the shithole residents back to whence they came. Funny (or not so much) is that I have yet to see any video, anywhere, of busloads of scwartzes being shipped out. Not even EU blogs. Guess they are suppressing the news just like our own lizard folk are doing.

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  25. Went to a range yesterday in Union, NJ. very busy. continuous wait for people just buying ammo at limit 1 box per customer regardless of caliber. Overheard an RSO starting a first time handgun training course for a lady that was probably 60-ish. Otherwise all quiet on the eastern front.


  26. Still normalville in Genoa, Ill. Nothing boarded up, nothing on police scanner.
    DeKalb is not far away though. University town
    If there is any trouble here it will come from there


  27. It is quiet in NE Atlanta. We have had a massive influx of people from New York, New Jersey, and California this year. Lots of them have bought houses but they are still driving with their former state’s tags. GA has a one-time ad valorem tax when you register your car so people moving in get hit with a big car tax bill if their car is worth a lot.

    I see more Trump signs but there are quite a few Biden signs as well. I saw a bumper sticker that said “BIDEN i guess”. My county was at 52% Trump 4 years ago. I will find out later this week what it is now. My 10mm goes with me everywhere.


  28. It was mostly quiet around here for the weekend, some low level crap was up in seattlistan, my guess is the punks are waiting for later this month or next month when the results are finalized.

    No, all you fibbies or whomever other agency reads this, I’m not going to start any shit.



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