15 thoughts on “Hunter Biden’s Laptop Turns Into A National Security Nightmare

  1. Oh yeah, Phil? Please let us know when the main actors of (and their enablers like the Hungarian Jew George Soros and Michael Bloomberg) the Kerry, Schumer, Feinstein, Obama, Clinton, Holder, Harris, Biden, Gore and Pelosi crime families (Nancy’s lot will need a big bus) are in gaol and their worldwide assets seized. AOC can earn pocket money serving up their gruel! Until they are in Club Fed, or their necks stretched, it’s all just a dancing cats show.


  2. But, but,it’s not possible for it to pose a threat, because everything they Say is on it is made up Bullshit, created by Trump supporters. Uh Huhh,,


  3. I cannot see how this is unrelated. Hunter’s head shrinks office was raided by
    the feds and his records were seized. I spent a few years working in a nut
    house and read college-level textbooks on psychology as a teen in my spare
    time. Hunter Biden’s files could reveal shit that will blow your fucking mind!


    • Leonard, not that I care about the rights of any Biden, but how do they legally get the doctor’s files on a patient? Does a treason investigation nullify doctor-patient privilige?


      • Watching rules change, and quickly, is something that keeps my head spinning. We’ve seen consequences for the accused
        IF the accusations leveled against them were nasty enough. Ohhh, and the accused has failed to be a lefty.
        And now we’ve seen the Constitution suspended because of the chinky pox, for our own good, of course.
        The cries for Trump’s taxes, curiosity, desire to investigate further the rich guy who gave up his wonderful life to wade through the D.C. corruption and drag his family in with him, and stop making money, That overcame his right to privacy, but looking at Biden? Aww, hayull naw,
        I’m pretty sure medical information could be found for a good investigation,
        If those records belonged to someone not connected to the lefties who are so determined to enrich themselves while they destroy America.


        • The one exception I know of is if a patient discusses committing
          a violent act against others. A head shrink can be prosecuted
          if someone is killed or attacked and the shrink does not report
          it to the authorities. Hunter was a raging coke-head and he
          carried a loaded gun in his car.


          • Yep, it’s called the Tarasoff rule. After Tatiana Tarasoff who was murdered by an Indian immigrant after she declined to have a serious relationship with him.


    • No Doctor or Lawyer or anyone is protected by confidentiality when minors are involved. Any Doctor, Lawyer, Priest or anyone who fails to report crimes involving minors is subject to criminal prosecution.


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