17 thoughts on “So Is The Cringe

  1. Wow. Breathtakingly soy-boy.
    If he were to pick up a combo wrench he wouldn’t know which end to use. Keep this jackwagon away from power tools at all costs!


  2. Tie dye shirts? When was the last time you saw an adult wearing one of those?
    Scrap book? Dude needs to get his doc to put him on testosterone therapy.


  3. I do a lot of arts and crafts. They always involve very dangerous tools, handled very carefully.
    Current projects include wiring in a wall heater with a 220v line to the breaker panel, plumbing in a propane line in the trailer for a catalytic heater, and replacing a frostproof faucet from the house–that one involves crawling underneath, and I HATE crawling under houses.
    There’s a dozen different ways soyboy could die attempting any of this.

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  4. Where does this emasculated SOB live I should give him a call this weekend and get his hands dirty Between raking leaves and changing oil in 3 Small Engines plus any other devilment I can think of Like Going hunting and shoot a critter then make It (NOT HIM) Clean it. That would definitely spoil his manicure. Man Card Permanently removed


  5. Reloading. I just scored 500 .223 FMJs. Now I gotta learn the intricacies of bottle neck rifle cartridges. I’ve been reloading pistol cartridges and .30 carbine for a while now. That’s arts n crafts for me.


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