11 thoughts on “Catchy Little Tune

  1. got to find happiness in your job somehow. besides i sure a few more people other than me
    have given this some thought as well. some people do have a lot of self control.


  2. Phil: off topic but fyi: Vancouver cops ventilated a ‘didin du’ that was shooting at them today and there is plenty of talk apparently of ‘peaceful protests’ tonite…might want to hunker down or at least keep your head on a swivel. Didn’t know if you had heard or not.


      • You mean you ain’t gonna take “The Truck” out for it’s inaugural running of over the protestors? That means it will remain a virgin…


        • My bucket list includes a South African Paramount Marauder. It
          is a fully armored MRAP that looks like a Hummer wagon on
          steroids. It would be the perfect thing to piss off the tree-
          huggers. When the riots started, I thought it would be the
          perfect vehicle to turn Pantyfags and BLM types into axel

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      • You might check out ‘Andy Ngo’ twitter feed…has video up from just a few minutes ago. Antifa from Portland has crossed the river.


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