12 thoughts on “Old School

    • My gang box had an American flag signifying my patriotism, A
      bent over bare ass sticker of Homer Simpson pointing to a
      red lip tattoo on one cheek signifying my personality, and the
      cast of South Park character magnetic stickers to let the
      world know much I hate Hippies.

      My personal favorite was the Israeli flag sticker I used to fuck
      with the mill geezer who married the daughter of a convicted
      Croatian war criminal in WWII. I had the brain-dead old
      bastard thinking I was Jewish, and he asked me to prove I was
      a Jew. I offered to drop trou and prove it to him. The dumb
      fuck was so stupid he did not know that circumcision was
      routine in America in 1956!

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    • The dick married into Ustasi political royalty. His “fadda-in-law”
      was the transportation minister who made the final travel plans
      800,000+ Jews, Gypsies, and Serbians. The commandant of
      the death camp at Jasenovac was a Jesuit Preist who bragged
      about slitting the throats of 1,000 Jews in one day. A lot of
      Catholic Priests went to death camps for protecting Jews.
      That dishonor went to the Jesuit sect.


      • My old man was a royalist Chetnick, wouldn’t talk about the war, to my regret. I learnt young not to get close if I had to wake him, he’d fly up ready to kill, before realising straight away he wasn’t in the mountains anymore.


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