16 thoughts on “Now It’s Personal

  1. Three former step kids that broke a glass in the hallway.
    Don’t bother mentioning it and of course a lousy clean up job.
    Come home, take the red wings off in the laundry and head upstairs for a shower.
    At which time I walk on glass shards in my stocking feet.
    Pissed the fuck off? Me?

    The Christmas tree story is better.


  2. Hey Phil, I clicked on the top ‘related’ story to this post, These People Really Are Stupid, regarding Epstein and his Lolita Express. In your and readers’ comments many forecasts were made about the guilty Democrats facing gaol when Epstein testifies against them, and the attempt by Jewgle, Faecesbook and Twatter to shut down the news cycle. Gee, it sounds so familiar to the current story about a creepy paedophile in trouble, doesn’t it? Well, we know what happened to old Jeffrey, maybe, I think he slipped when Hill ‘n Bill helped him adjust his tie? Still waiting for the big 3 of internet crime previously alluded to, to be closed down! Anyone else wondering about Pizzagate, Russiagate, the Pelosi, Feinstein, Schumer, Clinton, Obama, Harris and Biden crime families, are they all in gaol yet? Has the BATFE, CIA, BLM or FBI been abolished yet, their main actors gaoled? Sorry to rant man, I get riled up, and it’s not even my country!


  3. Usually, aren’t you and most old farts at Phil’s place on medication? I take enough painkillers to take the edge off chronic acute* pain, but right now I’m high on sleep deprivation, just hurt too much. Also, after reading that story and comments, I’m pissed-off that the evil scum that pervades every country all seem part of the self-same group, and always protected by their facilitators. Will they ever face justice? *acute, as in extreme – not ‘a cute’, as in Deathray’s Sasquatch babes!


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