They Still Play Stick Ball?

I’m guessing somebody must be because I keep deleting these Emails from the LA Times that have something to do with the Dodgers and whatever they call that Woke bunch of pussies down in Tampa Bay.

Fuck alla you guys and especially the weak ass bitches running that show.

If I can avoid it, I will never watch another Baseball game as long as I live.

16 thoughts on “They Still Play Stick Ball?

  1. I wouldn’t use the Los Angeles Slimes to wipe my ass if I ran out of toilet-
    paper! As for sports, the woke cultural grievance fucks left me saying
    fuck the lot of them! I made the mistake of thinking that NASCRAP
    and baseball would be immune to that bullshit. I was wrong. I never
    gave a shit about the redneck Roundy-rounders because the true
    test of drivers’ skills is road races. I was a fan of the Angels back in
    the day and my dad hated the LA Negros with passion. He used the
    more offensive word of course.

    My stepmother got to use her boss’s season ticket box right above the
    Dodgers dugout once in a while. One season, the team was so fucked
    up we watched the games just to amuse ourselves. In one game, Lasorda
    used seven pitchers. More often than not, this led to stunning losses.
    He ran out of pitchers and called in his shortstop. He did well. One day
    my dad went to a game. After copious amounts of beer, he was screaming
    open up another can of pitchers Fatboy to Lasorda. My dad was an
    asshole and I inherited the asshole gene.

    PS Why do rednecks fuck doggy style?

    So they can both watch the NASCAR races on the TV!

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    • I have always maintained that the Nascar races should at random times have to turn around on the track and go the other way… hilarity would ensue! Yeah! I came for the gnarly crashes! I agree true road races are more exciting and interesting to watch then watch them go down to the end of the straightaway and turn left… Agree with Jeff below, NHRA is great to watch, it is pure competition, ya race what ya brung and no all engines the same c.i.d., no restrictor plates on the carbs, have to be the same weights bull shits.


    • “PS Why do rednecks fuck doggy style?

      So they can both watch the NASCAR races on the TV!” My wife insisted on it so she could watch Paula Dean cooking shows…. she was a true Southern red neck gal. I didn’t care, I was getting some.


  2. So far the only sport left that ain’t caved in is the nhra, they put out a couple years ago, we been diverse since the beginning, Shirley, the snake, and many others, only sport I have left.


    • Cha Cha and the Snake were my favorites. My dad used to take
      me to the Irwindale Dragstrip. I almost got my ankle broken when
      Cam Nelsons pit crew started pushing her dragster without notice.
      She was a radio personality, a smoking hot beauty, and a former
      model. The dragstrip had an In-N-Out Burger stand. The founder
      was a fan of drag racing, and his daughter was a drag racer.

      I was too young to drink beer, so In-N-Out burgers were the icing
      on the cake for a 12-year-old. I am 64 and I can still smell the
      exhaust fumes and the ear-bleed level noise when they launched.
      I miss those days! I think in 1972 the six-second barrier was broken.
      This 1/8 mile bullshit turned me off forever.

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  3. The last time I played baseball was in ’74, when I was in high school. At least people watched when I batted, mostly because I had a dangerous habit. Bugger dropping the bat, soon as I smacked the ball I’d just let the bat go, and hoof it to 1st base. If the bat hit a fielder, all the better, as amid the yelling and accusations I’d just run the bases down. Of course if I hit a teacher, well then I became all contrite and shit, after I made home that is.


  4. Don’t care for tv sports at all. The most joy I got watching the last winter Olympics was seeing all the idiots who said they wouldn’t go the the White House after they won then lose spectacularly.

    Baseball? Fuckem.
    Basketball? Fuckem.
    Football? Fuckem.
    Soccer? Please, if I wanted to watch grown men act like children I’d watch CSPAN.
    Hockey? Fuckem.
    Anyprosports? Fuckem.

    Meh. Sworn off all pro sports.

    Maybe competitive horse jumping. Still like watching that.

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    • Yup! Me too! I don’t watch pro sports and I don’t miss it, guys will start jabbering about Monday Night feetsball and I get a blank look on my face… soccer? Only fags play that little kids kick the ball play.


  5. Hey Phil, you’re cheating, that ain’t your manky old hand. The fingernail that we can see doesn’t have 5+ decades of grease under it, and the knucles aren’t all buckled, busted-up and scarred! Of course, you could be a la-de-dah hoity-toit hand model in real life, telling bullshit stories to your readers, splashing a bit of ketchup (or catsup?) on a knuckle, just for looks sake every once in a while. It’s no wonder that the old codger Chuck, from across the road thinks he has to help you out with advice! What’s the go, pal?

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  6. Lived and Loved the game growing up. To make a proper decision I tuned in opening day this year. Proud of the one white guy who stood but when the rest of those sons a bitchs knelt the power to the TV suddenly went out. Will never watch again. Fookem


  7. I haven’t had any use for pro-sports for a long time. Loooong time before it all turned into thug ball. You break it down and it’s grown men playing with a ball and people on TV all dressed up yapping about it like it’s something important. If it wasn’t on TV in every fucking restaurant I eat lunch at, I wouldn’t even know it existed.

    You know why sportscasters scream everything ? Because if they talked normal it would be incredibly obvious how incredibly boring it all is.


  8. I didn’t serve my country for 3+ to have a bunch of multi-millionaire, so called, athletes disrespect our our flag, our national anthem, our country, our people, and my brothers in arms. It is a whole line of brothers going back to 1776 who allowed these ingrates to pursue their happiness, while a lot of my brothers died to preserve a system that allows them to compete at the highest level of their chosen sport and pays them a lot of money to do it.

    At no other job in this country would the owners and managers of a company allow this take a knee disrespect for our country to take place at their workplace.

    Not only that, but blacks in this country don’t believe that Black Lives Matter. If they did, they wouldn’t be killing each other AND THEIR CHILDREN at the rate that they have for decades. No, this isn’t a gun problem. It’s a black community problem. No other ethnic community ON THE PLANET, kills their own at the rate that blacks kill each other. Until they fix that problem they don’t deserve the respect that their race hustlers clamor for on a daily basis.

    Who in the black community or member of ANY sports team or ANY OF THE RACE HUSTLERS is condemning the murder and mayhem visited on the black community by members of their own demographic? No, they’d rather blame white people for all of their problem when 99% of their problems are visited on them by members of their own community.

    …and Mark Cuban? Just another jerk billionaire who doesn’t give shit about you, me or the black athlete’s that work for him nor does he give a shit about the black community. Not only that, he bows to the Chinese whim for ALL of the content that accompanies basketball shown in China. The only thing Mark Cuban is interested in is his bottom line, which is being impacted by the fans who have STOPPED WATCHING sports across the country because of the political stance taken by the players and the leagues displaying rampant anti USA behavior and messaging on their courts, uniforms and fields.

    Fuck these ingrates. I hope they starve.


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  9. I remember that black dude – nfl I think, with the blond mop on top of his head and an 18 Million contract saying that he felt like a slave. This is how fucked up in the head they are.


  10. Hey Phil, I too said fuckem. fuckem all. All pro sports. When the world series started, my bride insisted we at least watch one game. out came my trusty book and to keep peace, down I sat. I live in the garden spot of Canada, just south of Lake Manitoba. My sports come in over cable, and this year the cable network we get changed how they do it. Play by play was a Canadian announcer and colour was supplied by Buck Martinez. The Pre and Post shows had Canadians commenting.
    Not one mention of the idiocy found 75 miles south of me. The commentary was quick, clean and informative. zero politics and hurt feelings. refreshing to say the least. If I can get more sports presented that way, I will watch. Free speech and all that. However, within 15 min of the awarding of the trophy the NHL (I love hockey) aired an ad for the league that was full of hurt feelings, BLM, systemic racism and all kinds of other crap. My letter to the GM of the local Pro teams (there are 3, at 2 levels) said Goodfuckin Goodbye. Don’t call, don’t write, don’t send smoke signals. What disposable income and time I spent watching and going to games will now go somewhere else.
    Keep up the good work sir, I remain etc.


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