Facts Do Not Matter

Trust me, I have had written proof, in my hands, and I was still wrong.

This is why I don’t even bother anymore.

If you need something I will be out in the garage.

20 thoughts on “Facts Do Not Matter

  1. That is the main reason I ain’t married… I not only got tired of the one wife, but all persons with a XX chromosome. I just got tired of all their shit. Like others that have said about boats, airplanes and women, better to rent one.


    • I’ve been trying to tell my friends around here that this place needs one of those fun houses.
      Kinda like a ” paint your wagon ” situation that I’m living in.

      Nobody’s seen that movie ( it’s hilarious btw) and don’t have a clue what I’m saying.

      Maybe I’ll go with the mail order instead


  2. Female neurosis is harder to understand than Chinese Algebra!
    Does any of this sound familiar?

    If you left the toilet seat up ten years ago she is still bitching about it.

    Do you remember that woman you were staring at in a restaurant last year?

    The all-time winner is when she says You don’t have to buy me or do anything
    special on Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, her birthday, or anniversary? If you
    want to live, it better be something good!

    Oh, I forgot one. Does this dress make me look fat? Either way you answer
    that question you are well and truly fucked!


  3. Deathray and Cederq (a.k.a. Heckle & Jeckle), I agree, you’re right about the laugh value of Paint Your Wagon, and Clint Eastwood too as a younger man. This film, and Cat Balou too, showed us the previously untapped comedic talent of Lee Marvin, the essential tough guy, as seen in many a western or war movie and gangster film noir. I reckon Marvin’s song Wand’rin’ Star has to be the most unexpected or unlikely hit single ever. It was bad luck for us all that the filming of ~ Wagon and Wild Bunch clashed, he’d have been great in that, though Bill Holden was good too. I miss both of them acting in movies.


  4. I’d miss my wife (2nd) if she were gone but at my age I know for a fact there are no even remotely suitable females in existence in this dimension. not only can you expect all the usual BS to deal with but then you got probable financial, health, and other age related maladies to navigate.

    If something should happen to my current wife, then no way, no how. Maybe if the Japs perfect that robot girl. And I do mean perfect.


  5. Have to weigh in here guys, you all dont sound that likeable yourselves, except Phil. Phil’s a honey and we all know that! Good women don’t need gifts or really anything special, just respect and reciprocity.


    • I am very likable and respectful. With the others I think they too, are likeable and have a good core to them. I have high standards, I expect my female companion to be a lady, be respectful, kind and considerate,and want to be a companion to a man. What we old farts and Johno are moaning and commiserating about the low standards of the women we thought were decent and turned out to be neurotic, demanding, social/psychopaths that reject common decency and flat out will be raging feminists. I agree Phil is a honey, iffn’ he was a woman I might consider giving him a kiss, or we both swung the other way… I know it is a two-way street, but when one is always going one way, makes for a tough time. If you had been lurking for awhile you would have caught on we bunch of Brothers-in-Tools are old gear, wrench and mechanic heads, it is our nature to tinker and bitch about any old thing that comes along or bothers us. Keep faith Anon, we are not total losses.


  6. My Late parents were married for over 50 years. My mother passed away first and dad did 10 years later. We got to talking one night and I stated do not ever argue with a woman because you would never win. My Dad told me he had won ONE argument in all that time.


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