More like, I spilled 50,000 Needle Dick Bug Fucker Tiny Ass Colored Beads and now I am going to go buy 50,000 new colored beads in individual packets of 100 and make damn sure they all get separated into a sturdier container.

This bowlful of crap is going to get dumped into someones aquarium.

7 thoughts on “Wrong

  1. My cousin’s wife took apart one of the cold capsule that use to say it had so many cold fighting beads and she took it apart and counting to make sure it had the stated beads in it. This is what I think, just throw away that mix and start over. Why I don’t do puzzles, too many damn pieces and I don’t have the patience for that. Give me small gears and screws and levers on a machine and I am as happy as a clam in an oyster bed…


  2. A rational man doesn’t waste valuable time countzig/sorting. They understand time is money. Women would rather cou t the beads and “save” money. My wife did exactly that…..spent HOURS sorting and organizing THOUSANDS of colored beads.


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