9 thoughts on “This Is Why Phil Doesn’t Work In An Office

  1. I can see you actually doing that! I too do not like prankster and goof offs in the work place. Seen too many times people getting hurt because of nearby machinery and tools that do not care…

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  2. Did yoou hear that we as Idaho are stepping back from stage 4 fakeassvirus to stage 3 fakeass virus. Our esteemed shit head Idaho gov little is a pointy assed small clinton dicked ass wipe and thinks the virus is is imitating Arnie, “I’ll be Back.”

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      • Yup! You know what people died from the last time masks were required in 1918, the Spanish Flu? Bacterial Pneumonia… from re-breathing the crap you are breathing out and getting trapped on the mask. The Un-Masked buried the Masked.


    • Greetings from Eagle.

      Funny how that was preceded by the teachers’ strike in Ada…I wonder if there’s a correlation…

      Starting to think voting for Paulette in the last election would have been a better idea; certainly no worse.


      • Hello Larry, Grangeville here. I used to live in Garden City, I know, I hang my head in shame… I had the same thought too about the teachers strike correlating the dickless governor proclamation downgrading the beer virus status. I hope the Lt Governor runs and wipes his butt out of office and she rescinds every one of his illegal health care directions…


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