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  1. Imagine how her son-in-law feels. Sure, he married the horse-faced daughter of Hillary, but he was also marrying into one of the wealthiest, most powerful families in history.

    Now he’s just married to a horse-faced member of the most grotesque, washed-up family of grifters in America.


    • Sorry for the rant, but someone had to say that and that
      someone might as well be me.

      That applies to the lesbian and her needle dick husband. You
      could have won a shit-ton of money from me in a bar bet in
      1992. The Clinton’s were both New Left communist radicals.
      Blow Job Billy dodged the draft by taking a political patronage
      Rhodes Scholarship given to him as a 17-year-old volunteer
      on the campaign to reelect the racist, segregationist Senator
      William J Fullbright before he graduated from High School.

      The only thing that beat Blow Job Billy was the landing light
      on the BOAC airliner, he took to England. It gets better.
      Clinton got his ass kicked out of Oxford after a British
      coed accused him of raping her. Next stop, the USSR,
      where he “vacationed” where Western tourism was illegal.
      The only tourism allowed at the time was what Stalin
      called useful idiots like John Reed from the movie Reds
      played by Warren Beaty. They left out the fact that he
      was killed by the KGB.

      The horny hick from Arkansas exits the Soviet Union via
      Prague Czheckolovaia after spending time at the “World
      Peace Institute”, a known KGB front The illegitimate son
      of a cunt piece of trailer trash came back to America with
      a suitcase full of cash and was instantly elevated to the
      head of the Vietnam War Moratorium movement. Fast
      forward to the Clinton presidency. Thank you Rush
      Limbaugh! He aired a video clip of BJ Billy attending
      a state dinner in Prague on his TV show. BJ Billy points
      to an old woman and said, “When I was on vacation in
      Prague, this little lady was my in- tourist guide.” She
      was the founder of the Czheckoslovakan communist party!

      By the time BJ was elected, there was a massive power
      shift as the Soviet Union was on the verge of bankruptcy.
      There were more Chinese bagmen in the White House
      in the Clinton years than Albert Einstein could count!
      These guys were not delivering Chinese takeout dinners
      to the White House and asking, Rould you rike eggloolls
      with that sir?

      Nobody eats that much Chinese food unless they are
      addicted to eating Asian pussy! As Yogi Berra once
      sai, “Deja vu all over again.” The Chink-coms OWN
      the Biden Crime Family. What kind of idiot would
      put his crack-addicted son in charge of dispursing
      illegal foreign bribes to the other members of the
      Biden Crime family? That would be Don Jose
      “Vito” Biden! I cannot read or hear the word
      “Democrat” without this movie theme in my head:


      • Let’s not forget that the Irish emigre’s to the USA have produced some of the most notorious crime families in the history of the country. Namely the Kennedy’s, funded by the illegal liquor trade during prohibition.


        • I read a story that made a claim that what Joe Kennedy was
          doing was not technically illegal. He was buying the hooch
          in the Caribbeans and transshipping it to Canada. He knew
          damn well it would come back across the border to America,
          but his hands were technically clean.


  2. Makes me wonder what could cause her to be one of Hellmouth’s most valuable portals.

    Received a message few minute earlier Hunter Biden OD’d on crack an hour ago. OD in crack? If your booting it sure, smoking it? Never heard of that. But it gets stranger, in the message, last night Joe Biden had a stroke live during a virtual town hall with his wife sitting next to him. Thats not all, they have sent word his campaign has been officially suspended to attend to his son’s passing. There’s more, he had a stroke and died, his brain dead body is on life support to have a warm body to produce after the election to prove he was alive but died shortly after its called he won, so Camala Harris is legitimately President.
    There’s more.
    Hillary Clinton is slated as Secretary of Defense.
    Andrew Cuomo will be US AG
    Bernie Sanders Secretary of Education

    Told more coming.
    I have no proof or evidence any of this is true or not nor given any.
    Only passing word on.

    Hunter is Epstein’d?
    Or he’s hidden to deflect truths, dying is the excuse for his absence. Nobody has seen him for weeks anyway.
    Joe goes full lid to avoid further public exposure and gaffs.
    The strike story is more cover? They keep him locked in the basement, its simply easier and they can control everything.
    Obama had an outside Camala style town hall in Biden’s place, word is not a soul attended, and the stats showed 12 viewers watched it on TV. 12 viewers? Do they have that refined a capability of surveilling us? Camala had 12 and 6 live attendee’s on her last 2 outside venue town halls.
    If true the Biden handlers must be panicking, and the rumors are the kernel’s of truth behind them. Thats what my first gut reaction is.

    So far the Biden gang pulled in:
    North of a billion bucks from the commie chinks
    100 million plus from Ukraine
    10’s of millions combined from some of the tiny “stan” regimes
    Over 100 million out of Iraq
    There’s so much bribary the above numbers are the low hanging fruit
    There’s still the question of how much out of the 10 Billion dollar US grant to Ukraine ended up in the American side in the laundering of 9 Billion of that 10 Billion, which was broke up and passed thru at least 14 different countries to make it untraceable.
    Biden burnt 18-20 CIA Chinese nationals, who have been executed by the commies
    Last estimate north of 300 Iran dissidents are murdered by the Iranian regime, who worked for the Feds in Iraq, guaranteed safe harbor in a housing/operations compound in Iraq, the US was to build for them as part of their contract to help the US/Iraq coalition, which Joe Biden’s brother Jim was appointed as the head civilian manager of, who absconded off with the 100’s of millions dedicated to its construction and operations, while deliberately screwing the pooch on the arrangement in order to get control and launder the funds.
    30 years they been running this influence and racketeering operation.
    30 years of records.

    The FBI and DOJ get closer every day since Ruby Ridge and Waco, to apprehending the dreaded White Supremacists, insurgent illegal armed Militia’s, and rouge extremist cattle ranchers who constitute the gravest danger to the security of the United States it has ever faced.
    Un-named sources say by Biden’s inauguration they should have them rounded up and held in prison in Guantonimo Bay waiting for trial.
    The Biden administration will release the remaining religion of peace 911 political prisoners to make room for the governments existential enemies. An inauguration day present for Biden, Obama, Bill Ayers, Hillary and Bill and George Soros, Valery Jarret and Eric Holder, and the brown people of America so wrongly persecuted for their violated natural constitutional rights to invade unimpeded across our borders and free load off the racist privileged wealth of whites everywhere…


    • I took a girlfriend to a drive-in in my Triumph Spitife to see
      that movie when it came out. The bitch was so scared I
      needed a screwdriver to get her off me. For months I
      could puke out the word Guacamole and she’d freak out!


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