10 thoughts on “LMAO!

    • Yeah, its got to burn inside her barren vag like napalm.
      Whats even richer is that genocidal dried up Nazgul with a twat RBG refused to bow out during the lightbringers reign of power, so he could replace her with another genocidal commie before she croaked, she refused because she stated she was going to swear hillary in as the first gash tyrant of Amerika.

      A Toofer!
      The Master of The Troll strikes again.


  1. I created a fucking monster! My developmentally disable buddy spent so
    much with me listening to Rush Limbaugh and another conservative talk
    show hosts that he is mad as hell that Ubangi, Blow Job Billy, and his
    lesbian wife have not been subject to a perp-walk. He may be slow, but
    but he has an almost child-like sense of justice and morality. The best
    answer I could give him was to be patient, the wheels of justice turn slowly.
    I also told him that when the first domino fell the shit would hit the fan!

    I was expecting the first domino would be Peter Strozker, Lisa Page, Bruce
    or Nelly Orr (all mid-level swamp rats.) You cannot get any closer to Don
    Obama than his Vice President. Rudy Giuliani spent years connecting the
    dots starting from the bottom up and he destroyed the East Coast Mafia.
    So far, three of Hunter Biden’s business “associates” have turned rat on
    his organization. Well, make that four. Today, a billionaire Chinese
    dissident joined the club. His name (no shit) is Wang Ding Gang. He
    is about to dump a sex video starring Hunter Biden, and 10,000 Biden
    Emails. Hunter is about to get Wang Ding Ganged. If I were Hunter
    Biden, I would be considering protective custody right now!


  2. James Woods has made a lot of really great alt-agitrop comments. Hats off to the guy.
    I think too he sets a superb example, that requires focused leadership too, but the effect he sets goes something like this like:

    Whats killing the enemy is happiness, and positivity, people who refuse to submit to the weaponized fear and other galaxtic grade stupidity, which makes the fucktards double down, and double down etc, which only causes good folks to become even more determined and defiant. Thats BFYTW.

    But whats even better, and really sublime is we are making fun of them now, we got them nailed to a T, revealing how world class ignorant and stupid they are, they can not stop the message, no level of money thrown at shutting folks up or use of fear or violence effects it, no lies thwart it, I’ve heard it referred to as “The Truth is a Rhetoric all its own”, makes a lot of sense, most of all this excellence in righteous ridicule de=legitimizes the assholes.

    I believe thats the most powerful medicine. Sure it’s awesome to be armed to the fucking teeth, and it’s vastly important, it’s the teeth of freedom and liberty and our unalienable natural born rights, and it’s power unlike any, but nothing is like BFYTW served cold, without mercy. It’s delicious aperitif for the heart and mind of resistance, and winning.
    It’s an actual form of withdrawing our consent from them and making a laughing stock out of their degenerate and depraved behavior and words, especially when the have a melt down.
    Heh. Aaaaw whittle red diaper baby has a stinky load needs changing and it’s ninny bottle.

    The icing on the cake is Mr. Trump. The guy d-e-l-i-v-e-r-s Big. All promises x’s 2 plus some made good, and extra on the side, with dessert. And a mint on the pillow.
    He’s upstream of all politics now.
    My wife pointed out something really awesome yesterday. We where discussing the mind blowing accomplishments our President and Leader has achieved, shit no leader in human history has. I’d mentioned it seems beyond doubt Trump likes people, really likes folks, watch him in action, he looks right at others and gives them 100% of his attention, a politician who listens with his ears and heart, not his mouth, imagine this, he see’s the good in everything, he is a keen master delegator, (seems too why he is the master of the troll), without exception far as I have seen, gives everyone good and bad every chance to do whats good and right.
    My wife said this: Mr. Trump has love in his heart for others.

    Yeah. God bless her.

    You win you prove your merit and merit alone. You fail, and its 101% on you. He has this uncanny ability to go right to the person(‘s) most responsible for whats wrong at the exact same time puts the burden of solving problems into their laps, in this stunning ability to present it as a golden opportunity for positive change.
    Just think, in under 4 years, with the State Department running a non stop coup against him, trying to undermine everything he does, the globo=pedo elites trying to shove a shiv in his liver from day one, the dirty stinking chinks right in there with them, never mind the classic cast of terrorists and special interests, a hogs midden of islam/arab politics thousands of years in the making, the guy has brought together, and helped people who have fought to the tooth with each-other for more than 2000 years continuously, talking genocidal level hate, and now they are tripping over each-other to make friends and create prosperity, in concert, as allies and friends.
    Never seen anybody do this like its simply natural. And has not taken a lick of credit himself for it. Must be the sign of ultimate success and excellence in everything.

    The enemy doesn’t stand a chance. They are toast. Kaput.


    • Don’t know who to credit for it, but two days ago at a Trump rally in Wisconsin, the wi-fi password for the prestitutes was “whobuiltthecagesjoe?” Now that is some master level trolling!

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        • Metaphorically kick them in the fucking nuts. They get really wee wee’d up when their ridicule tactics are used back on them. Really fucks with their NPC hive minds…

          Look at #BillClintonsIsAPedo’s wife, she tries to bullshit everyone she lives in Trump’s head. The only living she did in his head is he was so satisfied he won he couldnt get to sleep the first night thinking and laughing of how ballistic retard she went he won after they all blew thru half a trillion bucks. She lost. And she told on herself when she said they where all going to hang.
          Trump lives in her world every day with power and success she can’t dream of, the threat he could with a phone and a pen round them all up for a nice stay at the crowbar hotel with a view of asreo’s cows grazing on the other side of the fence at Guantonimo Bay.

          4 years on and she’s the most extreme Bitter Clinger in the USofA.
          Whats she going to be like when Trump gets 4 more years and the Deplorable’s get another 4 years to prepare for after Trump.

          Hey Greg, did they pick up on the troll?
          Or they that ignorant?


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