Looks Handy

Even though I am not a fan of Butane powered stoves, this thing could be stuffed in a glovebox easily for emergencies and other than the bottle its self is quite compact.

I have no idea who makes it, I just ran across the GIF.

It probably wouldn’t take too long to track down.

11 thoughts on “Looks Handy

  1. My dad bought one in Germany back in ’59, it was a pump-up and ran just about any flammable liquid. Alcohol, gas, he even tried Bock Beer once. We used the heck outta that thing, I still have it but haven’t fired it up in 40 years!
    Now I have two butane-bottle stoves, each is about the size of a laptop and comes in a water-resistant carrying case. I understand the South Korean Army uses them, can send you a pic if you are interested, Phil. Wonderful for backpacking, emergencies, etc.! I bought a case of the propane bottles, they look almost exactly like the one you showed us.
    GREAT for emergency use, which is what I bought them for. Self-lighting, BTW.

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    • I had one like you are describing and wound up giving it away.
      I found that you would have to stock up on the Butane bottles because they aren’t as easy to find as one would expect. Big Box and larger store chains may have them but other than that they are kinda scarce locally.


      • Well, that’s why I bought a CASE of the bottles…
        But Big 5 still has ’em in stock, decades later! They’re strictly emergency only because of the butane bottles, but you sure can’t beat ’em for boiling/cooking things quickly. Efficient as heck!

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