I Didn’t Think It Could But This Year Just Keeps Getting Weirder And Weirder.

Ya know, just just the shit I have been dealing with over the last month or so, is usually enough grief and weirdness to be spread out for half a year easy.

But yeah, things just really got weird and fucking gross too.

If you would have told me six weeks ago that before the election got here I would see pictures of the former Vice President’s kid’s dick splashed all over the internet I would have laughed and said yeah, that’s a good one.

After tonight?

Best be stocking up kids,

because over ten thousand pictures of shit like that from Hunter Biden’s hard drive are being spewed all over the freakin’ internet like a firehose.

Naked pictures of him, the girls he was bangin’ and all kinds of freaky shit off that hard drive.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not shy and I sure as shit ain’t no prude but REALLY?!

I mean I know that television and the movies have turned into a mental wasteland and all but is that shit REALLY necessary?

Because there are some things that you just can’t unsee and I would dearly love to unsee that shit.

You have been warned, someone is basically dumping every salacious picture on that hard drive and it is spreading all over the internet.

21 thoughts on “I Didn’t Think It Could But This Year Just Keeps Getting Weirder And Weirder.

  1. Angus McThag )https://mcthag.blogspot.com/2020/10/wanna-bet-they-get-busted-while-hunter.html) points out that looking at or possession of those pics and videos that involve his niece and other underage girls is… Child Porn!

    So, guess who the FBI will bust for looking or keeping? Hunter? (wait, they had those drives and videos since before December 2019 and did nothing.)

    Or… Us common folk?

    Yehaw. Things are getting strange and wacky. And so very very tacky,


    • This has gotten so big even the deep state assholes in the FBI
      cannot sweep this under the rug! If they toss this shit into an
      Orwellian Memory Hole, it will totally undermine their credibility.
      We win, they fucking lose!


      • “totally undermine their credibility”? The FBI undermined it’s own credibility when it decided lawbreaking against President Trump was justified for whatever reason their little pea brains could think of, while never grasping that what they did/are doing is TREASON.

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        • Most law enforcement officers, federal agents, and intelligence
          officers sign up for the right reasons just like most people who
          enlist in the armed forces. The problem with the executive
          branches are political appointees in upper management and a
          small cabal of mid-level management appointed by Blow Job
          Billy and Ubangi. In the first term of Donald Trump, he knew
          more about who the deep state operators by the Spring of 2017
          than we will ever know. And by now, he knows who he can and
          cannot trust in the executive branches. Let me make a common-
          sense prediction. Shortly after he is reelected, Christopher Wray
          is going to get canned like a fucking tuna!


  2. I have just updated my election projections to a Republican landslide! If social
    media and the press tell us we cannot see something, it makes us all the more
    interested in the story. They are shitting in their mess kits! Biden’s numbers are
    tanking and even blacks and Hispanics are defecting in record numbers!


  3. This may seem irrelevant to Americans, but indicates the strong fraternal bond between international leftists. Aussie mainstream media (a.k.a. Fake News) comments on the Biden Crime Family exposé: 0, zip, nada, zero, four-fifths of five-eighths of fuck-all. That Trump will likely trounce their leftie pal Biden: utter horror.


    • Oh! Teh Horror!!

      Let ’em yap. Or not, as the case may be, John-o. Send us videos of the cringeworthy howls of the Aussie Enemedia when Trump curb stomps BiteMe. Please. It’ll be fun to watch, just like those videos we’ve been seeing of Libtards in the US with their tantrums…


  4. Oh it is going to get a hell of a lot weirder! As the demonuts start to implode they will take others with them and there will be hissy fits that trump 2 year olds hissy fits. (See what I did there) They will be violent and homicidal.


    • I absolutely agree with your assertion that the left respond with
      violence when (not if) Trump is reelected. I cannot remember
      the year that I picked up an abandoned copy of US News and
      World Report. It had to be in the early or mid two thousand’s.
      Right after a Republican midterm landslide, they published a
      post mortem. The internals blew my fucking mind! Not one
      Republican incumbent pro-life Senator or congressman lost
      their seats to a pro-abortion Democrat. Not one pro-life
      Senate or Congressional challenger failed to beat a pro-
      abortion Democrat incumbent. That is just the warm-up.

      The internals floored me. There were six or seven questions
      that all had the same percentage numbers. These six or seven
      questions were basically bait for the radical left. I am sure the
      publishers were promoting leftist ideology, but it blew up in
      their faces. I can only remember two of the questions; One
      was unlimited abortion at taxpayer expense, 6.5 percent.
      Opposition to war even if we were attacked by a foreign
      army, 6.5 percent. The other 5 or 6 insane questions came
      in with the exact same number, 6.5 percent!

      Let’s assume that number is now 7 percent. The man bun
      wearing soy boy latte slurping Starbucks losers who were
      radicalized in college are not going to show up for the fight!
      We have been there in the sixties and we lived through it.
      Blow Job Billy, Abbey Hoffman, Bill Ayers, Rene Davis,
      and others tried and failed! The antiwar movement was
      all about keeping the drug and sex addicted privileged
      white frat boys out of the Vietnam war.

      The same scenario is playing out now in 2020. Back then,
      the radical left radicalized blacks so they could become
      the “vanguard” (AKA cannon fodder) for their failed leftist
      revolution. If this is their playbook, they are going to get
      their asses kicked. At best, one percent will grab a firearm
      and hit the streets. I know these people, I was on their
      team when I was 14. By age 15, I realized that I was
      smarter than the communist math professor who was
      my “mentor.” If it comes to an all-out war, these dumb
      ass motherfuckers will be shredded like a head of cabbage!

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      • Growing up in the 60s, even as a young strapping yout I had some type of inkling that schools and by a large part teachers were not “right”, we were being radicalized back then in a subtle tempo not like today with the blatant propaganda and catering to every hair ball leftist organization. What I was seeing in school didn’t jive with what I saw and read in books and early magazines and what my parents and even older siblings describing of their school experience. So, being the hot headed little shit I was, I rebelled and would not take shit from teachers and bullies that I am sure where put up to it by teachers and school admin. That lasted well through all my compulsory schooling through my advanced degrees in college. I saw around me especially in college the young kids drinking that red kool-aid. I had a four year stint in the Army between my schooling and I had garnered a lot of discernment and wisdom in that time. I ignored 99% of the commie BS at college because getting what I paid for was more important. To this day I send back my annual alumni letter asking for an endowment tithe… every time I write a short note on the form to stick the endowment request up their collective commie asses and take my name off of their mailing list. It doesn’t seem to get through their thick assed heads.


  5. From a comment at one of the sites linking this stuff:

    Can you imagine if Ted Kennedy had a smart phone?

    Note: Actually… nothing would have happened to him, either. You can kill a girl and still be called “The Lion Of The Senate” or someshit.

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  6. Weird, Phil? How about “inappropriate showers with daddy”, “sexual trauma at home”, from the diary of Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley Blazer Biden, that weird enough? https://sott.net/en44335/ The dirty paedo brazenly fondles prepubescent and early teen girls openly, because he turned his own daughter into a sexfiend “on heat”, it must feel normal to him! Show Democrats what they’re voting for.


  7. And just like that, I read an article this morning regarding a whistle blower reporting what allegedly is Biden’s daughter ranting about her sexual promiscuity, drug use and inappropriate showers with Daddy when she was young. Is everyone in this family perved out or what? I’m not linking it. Search all you want, it’s out there.


  8. Yes Mr egorr, it is, but I was infected when I began reading Phil’s discources on home engineering. Those four letters making up that Anglo-Celtic word are somewhat cathartic when cursed at something, or someone! I can’t cut and paste, so copied, correctly – I checked, the link at the end of the SOTT.net article about the disgustingly depraved Biden crime family.


  9. I have to revisit the whole dick pic thing. When Blow Job Billy was caught with
    his pants down, Dick Morris a one time Clinton spokesman and ally went on
    Fox News to defend him. He admitted that Felonia von Pantsuit was batting
    for the other team, so naturally, he had to seek pleasure outside of marriage.
    He also stated that anyone in a country club shower room would know about
    the physical characteristics of the First Johnson.

    OK, I was reading the American Spectator the National Review at the time.
    The litmus test for any woman who claimed to have had sex with Bill Clinton
    was the woman had to know three things; He was hung like a hamster, he
    had an obsession with oral sex, and he suffered from Perrone’s Disease.
    That is a clinical definition for excessive curvature of a penis. (Ironically
    his was bent to the left). Now, let’s consider the shower room excuse.
    Perrone’s only presents when a dick is stiff. Dick Morris hung (pardon
    the word) Blow Job Billy out to dry on a national news network broadcast.

    If Slick Willy was sporting a hard-on in a shower room filled with men what
    do you think came to my mind?


  10. They are only trying to block and censor the Biden incest=pedo crime family expose in order to get to election day with the least damage.
    There’s something else going on with the dirty all hands institutional political/governmental sex and pedophilia elite which is not just rampant within their entire oligarchy, .gov employee and political actor, it is a feature. It is what they are.
    Lot of some of the most mentally messed up people in our society are running things now, an entire class of Americans, who do not deserve America, because you can’t get into or climb thru the ranks in any part of the swamp without being known as part of the sexual depravity, and the more fucked up that is the more you can be trusted and valued, I know thats a true oxymoron, but we are talking about people with very unhealthy minds and spirits. This attributes in large part why government is so fucked to to us good normal folks, why they can’t get shit done thats their job to begin with, why they fuck up everything they touch, it runs the entire gamete of government, state county city town. Why you walk out of a government facility and say to yourself why is it so crazy fucked up whacky water weasel? Like WTF?
    Its that bad and worse than you can imagine if your not a victim of pedophilia, child trafficking incest etc.

    But wait there’s more as they say. It’s been in the works for decades, and its right up cultural marxism’s ideological farce alley of degenerate depraved taboo and tradition violating social engineering.
    At some point, they understood in no doubt, all this could never be kept under wraps, so instead of hiding it they have been bringing it out in the open. They are weaponizing these extreme depraved sexual taboos and those committing such depraved acts as models of morality, placing them on pedestals of sanctimonious idiocy, they are attempting to normalize it, mainstream it. You see it everywhere, the netflix pedo=elite film Cuties, LGBT and other sexual deviants foisted on us and their “lifestyle” is sacrosanct, can’t go there you dirty mouth breathing white peepyles, its forboden, they are turning any objection to this into hate crimes, its raysist, all that critical race theory farce crap, just examples, there’s more lots more. After pedo=joe is in they will begin the overt comprehensive “normalization” of this sexual depravity.
    Its strategy. Never mind part and parcel odious twisted sick psycho agenda. It’s also raw naked unadulterated absolute power. There’s no adequate term that describes its foulness. You got to stack terms of reference up like a mad man to do it justice.

    If you have been a victim of child sex/rape crimes you will instantly recognize what it is about. Because your abuser did exactly this to you to victimize you, soften you up, prepare you so you will be a complaint victim, the made it normal to violate you, betray you, abuse you. And employ fear to control you. It’s how these kinds of predators work. Betrayal doesn’t get more evil than this. The effects are shattering to a child. Its mind programming on a scale called Hellmouth.

    The pedo=elites are no different because They Are No Different.
    They betray us every time they open their pie-holes.
    They victimize us as a culture, as a race, as people.
    They weaponize all the things.
    Masters of dissimulation.
    They cored out our Republic like a starving raccoon with rabies cleaning out a clam shell, replaced our republican form of government with plausible deniability government, and weaponized it. Only a degenerate depraved predatory elite could manage this. And they had to learn it somewhere, how to do it well, and hide it. Like a pedo does, so it can repeatedly violate and abuse it’s victim.
    They. Are. Predators.

    This is who and what is desperate to oust President Trump, disenfranchise and disarm us good folks. We are honestly victims here. But more so, it is Genocide. Genocide includes more than mass liquidation, its the destruction of a peoples culture and way of life first. Then they put you in a box car to a mass grave.
    This is Nancy Pelosi, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Jeffery Epstein, Joe Biden, George Soros, Andrew Cuoma, Chief Justice Roberts, Bill Barr, the FBI, DOJ, ATF, the list is in the millions. It’s why almost every BLM Antifa and other crazed leftist human garbage arrested rioting or killing is a sexual criminal. Who else will work for the regime of pedo’s?

    We should be getting pretty mad and ready here in not too long a time. And we are. There’s cold anger that crosses our great land and country.
    I see it clearly. I’m no diff than a million other good folks. And I’m done with them violating my codes and time honored traditions, my way of life. My country. I wanted to be left alone, still do, I know I never asked for much, I always left more than I take, and leave more than I was given. Still that way, more so even now. And It’s never been enough for these scumbags. It’s never enough of my wealth only these hands can create. I can not shut my mouth enough now, even a smile is a crime, because I got special privilege and my skin color is white? It never will either. They say us dirt people got a racist problem? Hey, fuck you, no on second bad think, in fact, BFYTW assholes, too much you say? I think we don’t have enough of a white racist problem thats what. Because I got zero fucking use for any race bullshit, and the cure for that crap is to be as much of a bigot for my kind as humanly possible. First. Because to prefer my own kind is right, it is correct thru all history, the opposite is dress rehearsal for race war.

    And I’ll be damned in hell if I’m gonna let some other guy, his folks, his tribe of good folks too, suffer or die for my freedom safety and liberty, even more so than my own, because it’s starting to tear my heart out.
    Good folks do not do those kinds of things.
    Good. Folks. Do. Not. Do Those. Kinds. Of. Things.
    What part of that is not understandable?
    I’ll say this too, they got no fucking idea how mean I’m gonna get because of their fucking bullshit. They think they are ruthless. Cunning? They don’t know what ruthless is. We been nice good folks all this time. Polite. Tolerant. Prudent. Responsible for our every action and the consequences there of. Thats called an Adult.
    When this snaps, I will not stop, I will not care, I will have no mercy nor give quarter, till I’m dead or I decide to stop.
    I’m Legion.
    ( i’m armed geared up and trained to the fucking teeth too)


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