5 thoughts on “What They Fail To Grasp

  1. Get ready guys. The moment President Trump is reelected, the shit is going to
    hit the fan. Cameltoe Harris is calling for Trump voters and donors to be punished.
    Campaign donations are a matter of public record Pantifa and Burn-Loot-Murder
    now has Goggle maps of every person who donated to the Trump campaign and
    they are threatening to burn down their houses with them in it! Let that sink in.
    If a senior citizen on Social Security income sent the Trump campaign a five
    dollar donation, they could end up roasted alive.

    These stupid cocksuckers are not smart enough to have done this on their own.
    They had the help of the now openly communist Democrat party. These fucking
    pricks are still a tiny minority but that does not mean they are not dangerous!


      • You got it crazyeighter. The first few dozen times this happens
        and these Walter Mitty revolutionaries end up dead on a citizen’s
        lawn, this will come to an instant halt. Do not just protect yourself,
        work up a plan with fellow armed citizens in your neighborhood.
        There is still enough time left. I can still remember my dad
        cleaning his guns when the Watts riots broke out in 1965 even
        though we were in a suburban neighborhood in the San Gabriel
        area. Be prepared!


  2. The powers-that-be understand that all too well, and they don’t care. Their entire goal is to not leave us alone. Their entire goal is to seize control of the world’s finances and resources, and shove us all back into feudal serfdom; control what we eat, where we work, if we can work, where we live, if we live, if we can reproduce, what we can do, what we can buy, And their ground troops, like the BLM, the UN peacekeeping forces, the IMF, and Antifa, are all too happy to put their boots on our throats.


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