The Far Left Is Crippling The Gun Control Effort !!

As in other things, The Far Left has gone so Bat Shit Crazy that even Moderate Leftists are looking at them like a slow motion train wreck.

Meanwhile the rest of us keep saying I Told You So, while scrounging any available ammunition available for the guns we already own.


Gun control is losing in 2020, and its future is looking even worse

by Zachary Faria, Commentary Fellow |   | October 21, 2020 01:41 PM

While much of our politics in this unusual year have become murkier, this year has produced one clear loser: gun control.

It may seem counterintuitive with Democrats fielding the most anti-Second Amendment presidential ticket of all time, but gun control groups and activists are falling short across the political landscape. Even in a political environment favoring Democrats in November, the gun control movement has failed to get any traction.

In the courts, gun control groups have complained that California’s ban on high-capacity magazines and background checks for buying ammunition were given to a biased judge, as both were struck down. Gun control legislation is about to have a much tougher time in the courts with Amy Coney Barrett’s impending confirmation to the Supreme Court, after years of Chief Justice John Roberts refusing to defend the Second Amendment.

Gun control groups are also being outspent during this election cycle. The National Rifle Association has spent just over half of what it did during the 2016 cycle, yet it has still outspent the top three gun control groups, including the Michael Bloomberg-backed Everytown for Gun Safety

Meanwhile, more people have become gun owners during the pandemic and the outburst of summer riots this year. Gun sales records set in March at the start of the pandemic were shattered in June as Black Lives Matter protests devolved into looting and violence. Even the first frontier of gun control couldn’t stem the tide: More Californians own guns now than ever before.

It’s not likely to get any easier for proponents of gun control after November. Even if Democrats take the Senate and the White House, they would have to drag moderates through the fire to achieve any gun control legislation that would then head to the courts that have been reshaped with originalists under President Trump and Sen. Mitch McConnell. And, as past gun sales numbers have shown, no one can sell more guns than a Democratic president.

From politics to election spending to the courts, gun control groups have suffered loss after loss. Perhaps more surprisingly, gun control is failing on all fronts even as our political environment becomes more partisan. Gun control is not just a flailing movement in 2020: It has been set up to fail for years to come.

Bloombeg and his whole gun control industry has got to be shitting bricks right about now after reading this.

We are still a long damn way down the road to Hell and getting rid of the laws already on the books might still be nothing more than a pipe dream at this point but slamming the brakes on any new ones is still good news in my book.

14 thoughts on “The Far Left Is Crippling The Gun Control Effort !!

    • They exist, and they will give Donald Trump a second term. The Donks
      have steered so far to port they are alienating 80 percent of their
      traditional voting base. Private sector union voters have already
      bailed. Black and Hispanic working classes approve of Donald Trump
      at 48 and 40+ percent. If even half of them vote for Trump we are
      going to see a landslide. A lot of moderate Democrats vote for
      the Democrat party because their parents and grandparents voted
      Democrat. This is getting into the weeds, but white working-class
      Democrats, black and Hispanic Democrats when polled on the
      issues are far more conservative than the new Democrat party.
      Blacks in California voted to define marriage as a union between
      a man and a woman in higher percentage than white voters in
      Marxifornia and the Hispanics hate Putos more than we do!

      Both groups are pro-life. How many of the 300,000 highly paid
      union loggers lost their jobs in the Spotted Owl hoax? How
      many blacks and Hispanics lost their jobs in the Rust Belt
      and coal states? The margin of victory in this election will
      be beyond the Democrats ability to cheat or litigate!


  1. Confiscating guns in America is a losing issue. As Admiral Isoroku said, you
    cannot invade mainland America because there would be a rifle behind every
    blade of grass. If the Democrats attempt to take our firearms, 90+ percent
    of the gun owners in America would report that their firearms were “stolen”
    the day before the law went into effect. Even if they seized half of the
    firearms in America, that still leaves more than 150 million guns in the
    hands of the American people. Do the fucking math, that makes the
    American gun owners the largest standing army in the world by a factor
    of eight or ten.

    If we can’t buy firearms in America, we will buy them on the black market
    in Mexico, Central, and South America the way we bought CFC refrigerants
    for our cars and A/C units or the high tank flow shitters we were buying
    on the Canadian black market. We can buy guns and ammo on the black
    market like Al Bundy bought a Fergusen Flushmaster toilet


  2. I think that working up to the election a lot of the anti-gun money has been going to election coffers for democrats instead. Even bloomberg has a cap on how much he will want to throw out the window at any given time.

    After the election I expect the whacko anti gun crowd will go back to biz as usual.


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  4. Are you worried about being on a list of known gun owners? What about being on a list of known Trump supporters? If you contributed to his campaign, then the Marxists know who you are, suss this lot out: It may be a good idea to have multiple fire extinguishers handy come election day. Even if you just contributed $5, your deadly enemies know where you sleep!


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