And 1974

Them fuckers were a sonofabitch to get unstuck out of my bicycle chain.

Especially when they were wet and soggy, which was most of the time.

17 thoughts on “And 1974

  1. I never wore those, if it wasn’t straight legged Wranglers or Levi’s Button down straight leg I didn’t wear it. Bell bottoms were for fags and pussies.


    • Living here in REAL cowboy country, still wearing boot cut Wranglers. Always been a Wranglers fan, though I’ve also begun to appreciate Carhartt as well.


  2. Never had bell-bottoms in the 60’s on my brother’s paper route, and we used rubber bands to keep them out of the chain, I always got my brother’s hand-me-downs, so of course they were always (initially) really baggy and too long.


  3. I never wore those horrible things. I told my mom I would go to school in my underwear before I’d wear those fucking things. My brother and my cousin were the opposite they simply had to have them. The fags also got perms.


  4. Cederq, that’s understandable, as only blokes with some flair could successfully wear flares! Whatsamatter, still looking for your pants leg pushbike clips? They’re probably sitting with your 10mm sockets!

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  5. I admit I had a pair or two back in the day and I did use rubber bands to
    to keep them out of the way of the chain on my Schwinn Sting-Ray. They
    looked like a pedal-powered version of a chopper and all the cool kids
    rode them.


  6. Leonard, I got my midnight-black Chopper pushbike for Xmas ’69. Man, I thought I was so cool riding it around town. It had a 3-speed stick shift on top of the frame half-way between the black chopper-style seat and the ape-hanger handlebars, coo-el! But when going for a buster, you’d come a cropper, wearing that T-handle gear shift right in the nuts, time after time. I shoulda worn a cricketer’s box down my pants, not that I had to save them for anything important!


  7. Yeah, I had a pair or two back in the early 70’s. It kinda worked out for me. My feet were so big, I had to cut the seams on more than one pair of straight legs to get out of them.


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