I Would Pay Money To Be There When That Shoe Drops

Over the years I have had to try and explain needed car repairs to a shit ton of women.

I never once made the mistake of treating them like they are stupid.

I am intelligent enough to be able to explain things to them so that they can understand what I am talking about without talking over their heads.

I also had a lot of repeat customers because of it.

There was one lady who absolutely refused to let anyone else even touch her car. She was a friend of mt Sister In Law.

She would call me and let me know her car needed an oil change, I would make the arrangements for a suitable time, drive twenty five miles to her place, park my rig, get in hers and drive it back to my house.

If I found something that needed further repairs I would get all the necessary info about parts etc and let her know. Then we would make arrangements for another appointment. She smoked heavily and the first time I got in her rig to take it back to my place I could barely see out the windshield because of the nicotine. It was flat out yellow and the ash tray was overflowing After I did the oil change and made a list of needed repairs, I spent an hour cleaning the windshield and cleaning up the interior after I dumped the ash tray out.

That extra freebie made me a lot of money over the next few years until she finally traded it in and got a new car.

I did an oil change on that once, in the parking lot where she worked. I told her I was never doing that again.

It took me a half an hour just to get the damn oil filter off. I told her to just start taking it to Jiffy Lube.

Every once in a while I would run into a lady who Grokked what I was trying to explain to them about a needed repair.

I also trained a 19 year old girl to fix brand new Lincoln Town Cars. I bet she has some interesting stories to tell by now of dealing with idiot service writers.

15 thoughts on “I Would Pay Money To Be There When That Shoe Drops

  1. I read it as, A women who is at the top of her profession and likely supervises men, grabs a beta male to provide cover for her till she can embarrass a gov’t flunky.


    • This (the post) sounds like a mechanic talking to a woman that drove in a VW Beetle and trying to tell her the radiator needs to be cleaned and the cooling system needs to be flushed…..
      Yes, I’ve seen crud like that happen, and the other person/girl starts to get pissed off at the scamming… and lets the bozo know the jig is up.

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  2. When I was working for an air compressor dealer I learned the value of
    asking a lot of questions. When a call came in, I insisted on talking to
    the customer. All compressors work the same but there are many
    kids of control systems, unloaders, etc. I would have the customer
    get the brand and model number which allowed me to dig up right
    parts or pick up I needed before I arrived. I would always tell the
    customer I’m going ask as many dumb ass questions as I need to
    be sure I had what I needed to get him up and running.

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  3. I taught my son when he was in high school that “I don’t expect you to be a mechanic. I expect you to know how to talk to your mechanic.” He watched me overhaul a 351Windsor (machine shop did the short block and valve grind but I did the rest). He went on to do things I wouldn’t touch, brakes and trannies etc.
    Now that any newer rig needs a computer and a shit-ton of specialized tools to work on, neither of us does much beyond an oil change or lightbulb replacement. But we do know how to tell if we’re being bamboozled or not. And so do our wives.

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    • I tried, Lord I tried, to teach my daughters and my son some “powderpuff mechanics”. My only son has NO mechanical aptitude – must skip a generation or sumptin’ – and my middle daughtersaurus is the only one I trust to pick up a wrench or any other power tool for that matter! Even then, when she comes to me to tell me her car isn’t working, I berated her for not being more specific! How many times do I have to tell her “It’s broke” doesn’t tell me squat!!!

      Sheesh, it’s like Sisyphus pushing that rock uphill. My arms and legs are tired…

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  4. I owned an auto shop for 20 years and found out that if you just treated everyone honestly and stayed true to the cost estimate everybody loved you. I can’t count the number of times I was told “you mean it did not cost more than your estimate?”

    Women customers were the best. If they trusted you they told everybody. Men might only tell one or two people.

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  5. There was a local auto parts store in town. When I went there I’d always look for the women workers. They knew their stuff. The men there were dumber than a box of hammers. When my daughters got their licenses, I wouldn’t let them drive the car until they showed me they could change a tire and check the fluids.

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    • You let your kids off too easy. I torture tested mine, making them change the tire on a van. In the rain. On a sloping driveway.
      I would’ve made ’em change it in the snow, but you don’t get much snow in Portland, OR… even in the winter.
      In the Military, it’s called “good training”!

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  6. Most women are capable of understanding at least he fundamentals of automotive engineering. Most women simply don’t care to bother learning I that information. The same is true for many subjects. The VERY REAL fact that women’s minds are biologically hardwired differerently than men’s minds is also a factor.

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  7. Reminds me of the problems a good friend was having years ago with her Ford Mustang. FYI, my friend was the purchasing officer for a town of 250,000 in which there were only 3 Ford dealers and all the town vehicles were Ford.

    When she took the mustang in the service guys would blow her off so she had to get her husband to deal with the service guys when she needed work done. It took a while but the time came when her husband couldn’t bring the Mustang to the dealer. So, she took it in and once again they tried to blow her off.

    She had had enough of this BS and asked to speak with the owner of the dealership. When he came down, she explained her issue and waited for a response. The owner tried to blow her off with a few platitudes at which she simply told him his dealership was effectively off the list of dealers the town would deal buy from. This he protested, and threatened legal action. All she said was “If you treat me this way, how are you treating the town?” It took several years, but the dealership folded and from the time of the incident untill they were gone, that dealer never got another cent of town money.

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  8. Proud Dad here but the women mentioned above could be my Pretty Daughter. She spent three years on the Formula SAE team designing systems. Spent a year doing research in a GPS lab, graduated Mechanical Engineer and Engineer of the Year and with an Applied Discrete Mathematics degree both with 4.0’s. So yeah she can tear any car guy a new one if he gives her any lip. And just for shits and giggles she went to Law School and is taking the Patent Bar in a few days. And just because I’m an asshole, I made her take all her X-mass money when she was ten and we went to Sears and she bought her own tools. How many ten year olds had their own torque wrench?

    Teach’em right from out of the gate.

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  9. My twin daughters were about 12 when they got tool sets of their own, including torque wrenches, instead of using the ones in my tool boxes. I also bought them rollaways to keep them in. 90 pound daughter pulled 110 pound head bolts with no problem. They both do the work around the house and on their own cars that can be done without the required testers. Sometimes I consider calling them for help instead of calling a plumber etc.

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