9 thoughts on “Good To Know

  1. Something tells me that Gary ratted out the business to the Marxist Governor
    Gavin Gruesome. I spent a lot of time working refinery shutdowns in Bakersfield
    and it is one of the most conservative cities in Marxifornia. I would hate to be
    Gary if he is a local! Do not fuck with Okie farmers if you want to live.


  2. It’s just occurred to me, have any of Phil’s regulars (for irregulars, eat more fruit in your diet) seen Deathray and Joe Biden together, in the same room at the same time? Just wonderin’, same Alzheimer’s moments, bluster, aggression (when he picks on Cederq). The returning officer at the polling station in Bumfuck, Alaska better check identity in your case, Joe Deathray. Hey anyone know, do Sasquatch get a vote? Asking for Deathray’s girl.


  3. Mr egorr, I’ve a tip for you and anyone else who likes the old .303 British calibre. If you ever find a surplus SMLE barrel in good nick, buy it to keep aside, ‘cos one day you may find a Bubba-ed Dutch or Romanian Mannlicher in the 6.5 x 53R mm round with a (typically) rooted barrel. I once had a War Emergency Rifle that had been converted by Lithgow SAF to .303 by the simple expedient of replacing the original barrel with one off of an old SMLE that had been returned for an FTR – Factory Thoroug Repair. You see the Dutch had shipped Mannlicher rifles and carbines to Java for the NEI Native Police, but the freighter was routed south to Perth because of the Jap bombing attacks against the Netherland East Indies. The Aussies found themselves owners of hundreds of free rifles in poor nick, with only some hundreds of 6.5mm rounds, so what to do? Either somebody knew that the .256 Mannlicher (Pommie designation) cartridge was a necked-down .303, or just eyeballed them. The barrel threads are differently sized, and metric, but close enough for gubmint work, or Phil’s tool shed! The Volunteer Defence Corps boys and old farts issued the guns were happy to get a 5-shot repeater to defend a power station or town waterworks against the expected Jap invasion force, over an old Martini. The correct size packet style 6.5mm clip is available from Numrich Arms and feeds the .303 to make a cheap deer or pig rifle, but please don’t convert collector grade service rifles!


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