5 thoughts on “Your Dumbass Of The Day

  1. In my earlier years I was always dumping my ash on the bare ground or the green grass even if it had been a few days since I last used it. Nowadays I use a Trager smoker and I’ll never go back to an old-style grill. Best thing to happen to cooking meat since meat tenderizer came along!


  2. Sigh, Years ago I put two (or three,I can’t remember) day old ashes that were wrapped in foil in the dumpster of our apartment. It felt cold to the touch on the foil so I thought it was safe. Foolish me. Dumpster fire about 30 minutes later. Sooooo embarrassed and ashamed. No damage done and no injuries since it was a big metal dumpster. Now we have a wood burning stove and guess who gets to empty the ash can when it is full? ME! I take water out with me and pour water on the cold ashes. Can’t be too sure!!!!


  3. I’ve been a fireman for 29 years. I’ve seen way more dumbass stuff than than. I’ve been on the job long enough when someone says, “You’ll never believe what he/she/they did!” I reply, “Oh yes I will. Just tell me so I can tell you if I’ve seen it or not.” These people are straight up job security for me.

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