The Kamala Harris You Don’t See

If you had never heard of this woman before, all you had to do was to watch the Vice Presidential debate to get a pretty good idea of her demeanor.

Having her in the Whitehouse would be a guarantee of a Totalitarian Psycho one heartbeat away from running the most powerful country in the world.

After you watch this video you will see just how power mad and evil she really is.

H/T to Geneva, my sweet little 80 year old internet friend.

21 thoughts on “The Kamala Harris You Don’t See

  1. One scary bitch! I have to believe this man, other journalists have caught on video exactly what she plans on doing should she attain the White House. I have never seen an elective abortion, but many times have I seen miscarriages, severe accident births, still-borns, and severe preeclampsia early births. They are not pretty sights. How a woman can subject her and the child to conditions of abortions is beyond me. Every time a doctor or nurse from Planned Parenthood or a local abortion doctor came into the hospital I treated them with disdain and contempt and I would not work with them or converse with them, did I get into trouble with admin? Every fucking time and I didn’t care or never had retribution of my employment. I have picketed a number of Planned Baby killers clinic over my life and I have gotten arrested.


        • I know how the system works buddy.
          You were in some area of confinement until your mouth piece got you before the black robed rulers.

          Anyhow I’m busting on you.
          Taking up some of Mexican John’s slack since he’s gone quiet.


          • Yeah, I spent time in holding tanks with the drunks. Buddy, bust away, I can take it with out getting bent out of shape. Just remember, paybacks are always a bitch…


        • Cederq, so you were a nurse or mechanic, and you could afford a mouthpiece, on call? I’m glad I didn’t get your bill for either type of job!


          • John, I worked as a nurse Friday, Saturday and part of Sunday nights, 32 hours and got paid for 40. I had the rest of the week to play and I did, working on cars which I enjoyed. and camping and fishing. I had a buddy that had a auto repair garage down in Woodburn and I worked when I wanted to. So yeah I had a shyster lawyer on speed dial, he was my dad’s lawyer and friend.


  2. This erec-shun, whomever wins, will be telling in the future merka takes. It will be solidified in the 2024 erec-shun. No matter the outcome, merakans better wake the fuk up. We are about to lose the whole shiteree. And if evil camel faced cunts like this should ever get power, we might as well kiss our asses goodby, it will be off to the gulags for all that even hint at saying or believing anything but what the PTB wish and allow……. And you will work at whatever job it is they say you will work at…..


  3. I have read a few lengthy articles on this ghoulish shit. Fetal body parts and
    stem cell research has netted zero cures, zero treatments, and no medical
    progress whatsoever. The only byproduct of this so-called research is
    what was described as Frankentumors. It is a medical dead end, yet the
    fembot-lesbian left advocates it. Meanwhile adult stem cell research has
    resulted in 300+ cures and treatments. I am reminded of that cunt that
    Project Veritas secretly recorded saying she was going to use the profits
    from dead baby parts to buy a new Lamborghini!


  4. Cederq, hey no wuckas this end, we’d all like a job to he happy in, and score a few fun coupon$ also. However, the IRS probably read that too! I suspect that Deathray is just jealous and bored, nothin’ to do in the mountain lair but sting grizzlies in the arse with a BB gun, then run for the cabin quick!


  5. Cederq, you can’t criticize lonely men for being lonely, or for any action they take to change that, so long as it is legal and doesn’t do any harm to others. According to a rumour (which I just started), heavy duty life-like KH dolls get a lot of use on a certain mountain up in Alaska. So the story will go, apart from the conventional intended use, Mr. D______y lets air out to make comfy air mattresses and cushions, puts it back in for whitewater rafting, grizzly decoy, and replaces it with helium for a weather balloon! Which is the only way that Harris the part-gin will go to heaven. That is provided any hunters don’t shoot her down, or bush pilots don’t chew her up with the airscrew.


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