Stick A Fork In Him, Biden Is Done.

Rudy found a very incriminating Text Message Hunter sent to Joe and turned it over to the Delaware State Police.

Notice he didn’t send it to the FBI, they already have it.

Even after reading it out loud, listen to this complete assclown of a media whore doing his damndest to try and protect Joe Biden STILL!

It gets even better, Sean Hannity has a camera crew camped outside Joe Bidens house just waiting to ask him a few questions,

“Joe Biden, you have a lot of questions to answer, and it’s time for you to answer them. What did you know, when did you know it, did you take a cut of your son’s seedy international pay-for-play schemes?” Hannity said early in Tuesday’s episode of “Hannity.”

“I know it’s 9 p.m. Eastern, Joe, but if you’re still awake we have a camera right outside of your house. Right there, right now. You can walk outside your house, leave your basement bunker, feel free to step out, answer any of these pressing questions, and we will be more than happy to hear you out.”


I obviously can’t confirm this but the math adds up.


24 thoughts on “Stick A Fork In Him, Biden Is Done.

  1. I posted this message off-topic in an earlier post. Steve Bannon is promising
    that the entire contents of Hunter Biden’s hard drive within 24-48 hours, I
    am assuming it will not include the kiddy porn because that would be a
    crime. Some serious shit is about to happen if the authorities in Deleware
    have been given the material!


  2. The Newsmax commentator was trying to be “fair”, Newsmax is no friend of the Demoturds.
    The commentator is not trying to assume anything. Good journalism.


  3. I’ve seen so many
    Now America will see some corruption dealt with
    Moments, and only rarely does anything happen. A few lower level types get a spanking,, but somehow, seems the big fish are protected by the very people who should be shutting them down. D.O.J. a F.B.I. haven’t been doing right,, so, I’ll celebrate when I see things happen.
    The F.B.I. appears to have knowingly attacked Trump and sat on information that his defense could have used.. but, maybe I missed something,,


  4. When I hear and see a 4AM Felony No Knock Warrant being served on the Biden house and see at least Hunter being handcuffed and perp walked to a waiting van and hopefully creepy joe too, then I will celebrate. I am tired of getting my hopes up and shit doesn’t happen.


      • He sent the kiddie porn and kiddie sex videos to the authorities
        in Deleware. A full public dump of the remaining material will
        be available within the next 24 hours. Guiliani is doing what
        a lot of police departments are doing in the aftermath of a
        police shooting by leaking the truth to the public. Even Hunter
        Biden’s “business partner” is using this approach. He dumped
        26,000 Emails to Breitbart News. It seems the feds who
        prosecuted the guy did not offer him a plea deal so he feared
        being the fall-guy and he went public!

        Nobody can deny the material is authentic, so it should not
        be a problem with the court.


  5. You guys are kidding yourselves. NOTHING will happen. The FBI had this info last year and did nothing at all. Nobody in the media will ask about it, the leftist news will not report it, and the morning shows won’t cover it. This story will die just like all the others. I’d love to be proven wrong, but look how many times the previous admin got away with literal murder and fraud and not only was nobody put in jail, most of the people responsible are now in high paying consulting jobs.

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  6. Ain’t nuthing gonna happen. I’m with Ced on this ‘un… although damn, the 14 year old niece? Nasty fucker man… bad enough to doink his bros wife but then to be playing flash-the-carrot w/the 14 year old daughter? Sicko man…. MAD sicko.


  7. 1-nothing is going to happen, sadly. The Pedo will be covered.
    2-If you think the DSP are going to do anything, you don’t know DSP.
    You can bet, Biden is wired in and will be covered.
    DSP didn’t even refute his AH statement about Shotguns an warnimg shots. Dumbass’(S)
    3-it is obvious, There is a Pedo Ring within the US Gov’t and there minions.

    How dare anyone question there Pizza Order


    • This is too big to sweep under the rug JB. I don’t give a fuck
      about Deleware, this is a MAJOR federal crime. If the Deleware
      state police take no action, President Trump will make sure this
      asshole is prosecuted!


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