7 thoughts on “Capitalism In Action

  1. That’s a good visual. Another one is the guy that left a note on the cattle trailer Free bull calves. Came back to find someone had left more.


  2. It’s not really capitalism until the one guy hires the other guy to go get more melons for less than he could have sold them for himself.

    But they both still wind up making more money…


  3. My first lesson on free-market capitalism came when I was 5-years-old. My
    mother was driving me somewhere and we came upon an intersection with
    four gas stations at the corner. Each station had a price war sign. 24 cents
    a gallon is cheaper than 15 cents a gallon. This lesson is wasted on the
    economic illiterates on the left. Mom, what’s a price war? She explained it
    to me and at age 5, I understood that free markets benefit all rich or poor!


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