This Could Be The Biggest October Surprise In History If True

All I am doing here is showing you what I have seen, other than that, you can speculate all you want.

16 thoughts on “This Could Be The Biggest October Surprise In History If True

    • I’ve been saying that sort of thing for just about 4 years. Actually, a bit longer than that, since I started listening to Alex Jones and enough of his rantings turned out to be true. Until 4 years ago. it was assume unlikely. Now it is: Assume true until proven false. And lack of arrest and prosecution doesn’t mean false, it just means they’ve got something on someone in the prosecutorial chain of command. And even that could just be a deep fake and the person didn’t want the hassle of proving it false. Now we know the wonder of those that lived in the age of…well any time. There is nothing new under the sun.


      • For all of recorded history, the ruling class, whether by birth (nobility) or by appointment, always feels they can do anything they want. Kings have been diddling little boys or girls forever.

        The more things change, the more things remain insane.


        • That’s why I still listen. You may not his style but facts are facts, and truth is truth. I’m guessing the Jewish leadership and Roman government didn’t like Jesus’s style. Just saying. Goes for Trump too. He KNEW they were spying on him. He just couldn’t say how without revealing sources.


  1. This is no ‘bombshell’, it just confirms what everyone has known for years.

    Hate to say it, but I don’t think the Bidens are the only ones mixed up in that thing.


  2. I sent an Email to Phil yesterday. When it fucking rains it pours. Crackhead
    Hunter’s “business partner” has just been convicted and is awaiting sentencing.
    I am still trying to figure out this move but instead of cooperating with the
    feds, he leaked some 26,000 Emails to Breitbart News. My best guess is
    that if he coughed up the Emails to the FBI the information would go into the
    memory hole like Hunter’s hard drive leaving him the fall-guy.

    Classic investigations usually involve flipping a low-level operator and working
    your way up as Guiliani did with the East Mafia. Slow Joe was second only
    to Don Ubangi himself. He was in the Oval Office when a lot of decisions
    were made in the Russian collusion and Spygate schemes were hatched.
    I figured that someone like Page would flip on Strzok, who would flip on
    Comey, etc. but when the dominos started to fall they would fall fast.

    One thing is for sure, there are a lot of people In Washington who are
    running scared right now and Joe and Hillary are shitting their Depends!


    • Cornered rats are the most dangerous kind. But with old pro’s like Giulianni and Bannon, I’m confident they have all sorts of deadman switches deployed.


        • Or the publicity factor might be used to mitigate his sentence. The
          FBI Agent who took possession of Hunter’s hard drive was a long
          term specialist in child porn. If he was a deep state swamp rat,
          there was no insurance that anything would come of it. If Hunter’s
          partner was not given a plea arrangement, it tells me he was headed
          for hard time in a federal pen. We need to know who this agent was
          and what if any action was taken regarding Hunter Biden. If no action
          was taken, his only move was to rat out Hunter!

          I knew the dominos would fall in the Spring of 2017 with the Russian
          collusion hoax. I was expecting low-level operators to flip, not
          the second in command in the Obama Mafia!


  3. Maybe. But this sounds like narrative engineering. If you know your guy screwed up, and the video is coming out, you say that it contains the worst thing ever, like torturing children, and when it turns out to be “just” bribery and hookers it barely registers.


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