Yeah I gotta work today.

Hopefully it won’t be too terrible.

Anyway, I’m off to the races again here shortly.

In the mean time have a Redhead to haunt your dreams.

12 thoughts on “TGIS!

  1. Yay, a redhead, ranga girls are the go! I knew that Irish and Unfuck U would leave a good influence with you Phil, but I admit that I was starting to worry about your taste in women, no matter!


  2. Thanks, Phil, but I’ve already married two of those – and have the scars (both physical and mental) to prove it. Current is Irish, but Strawberry Blonde. Much lower on the crazy scale.
    Have fun working (:


  3. unclezip, wow, what a hero for Phil’s blog readers. Married to two redheads, even though you’re only able to handle one at a time! So what, they have you week about, or what? We deserve to hear the stories, if you film a movie of your life, and you play yourself, will you do your own stunts? Are you going to start your own Double Redhead Wives dotcom website maybe? I’m a fan already.


  4. After you and a redhead have both had a good time, you can pass the time by counting her freckles. Although I’ve not yet had to use all my fingers and toes while waiting. That’s the real benefit where redhead girls count. Blondes and brunettes, pfft!


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