Something I Am Really Good At

Creating stuff that sucks that is.

Hey, Edison tried over a hundred times before he perfected the light bulb, I don’t let failure stand in my way.

Sweep up the mess and try again.

9 thoughts on “Something I Am Really Good At

  1. Edison, perfected the light bulb?! What he did perfect was scamming, defrauding of original inventors, outright theft and self-aggrandisement. None of those tactics was anything new, but such like people with a little talent, like Bell and the Wrights held back industrial and scientific development not only in America, but where ever their patented frauds were legally recognised. Really, these men set the standard by which the entire world views American big business, with loathing and outright distrust. Original inventors, honest businessmen and developers tend to be destroyed in the world of commerce, fighting against corruption all the way.


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