I Been Waiting For This.

I saw the Murder Princess trying to get to this little joker the other night. The thing saw her coming and took off like a rocket.

Must have let it’s guard down.

The little fucker done out did her self with this kill, that little bunny is at least 2/3’s her size.

I found the poor thing out in the back yard in front of the garden shed when I went out to get the lawn mower.

I tells ya I’m gettin’ old kids. That lawn was overdue 3 weeks ago but The Wifely Unit loaned our mower to her sister without telling me until I went out looking for it.

It’s either been raining ever since the day she brought it back or I been sick. Even with the wheels jacked up as far as they go, I barely made two passes and had to take a break.

Pushing that bastard gives me cramps in my calves so bad I can’t even walk after a bit and I run out of wind about the same time.

So I sat my narrow old ass down and took a break.


Ain’t no hurry, especially since it’s the last time it’s getting mowed this year.

By me at least.

14 thoughts on “I Been Waiting For This.

  1. I finished mowing the yard last Saturday, put the tractor up and as I was walking back to the house I came upon my wife planting some shit she bought at the nursery. She asked me if I was done and I told her that I was and that that was the last time I’d have to mow this year.
    She looked at me and askd “how can you possibly know that you wont have to mow again this year”?
    I told her, “’cause I do the mowing”.

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  2. Mow, drain the tank, run it dry, hang it on the wall. Say, “See ya in the Spring!” and close the shed door and don’t forget to turn out the light.

    As for Bun-bun, plant it.


  3. Anyone that says animals only hunt for food, not sport, takes no notice of shithead house cats. Feral cats can kill pademelons and other small macropods, it would be fine if they confined themselves to rabbits, but everything smaller goes down their gullet too. Don’t bury the rabbit, unless you plan to lay it atop the cat’s body to waylay suspicion!


    • The only difference between pet or house cats and feral cats is that house cats are used to humans. Absolutely no difference in their behaviour or the devastation that they cause to wildlife.


  4. I feel your pain Phil. I have two 5′ brick walls between the house and the garage that need to
    be removed. One was listing so bad I had to prop it up with a 4X4 until I figured out what I was gonna do. Well, I hooked up a couple of recovery straps to the Tahoe and pulled over the worst one. Started breaking it up with a sledge but that’s a job for 35 year old me, not 66 year old me.
    Well, I sucked it up and went to rental joint and got a Dewalt electric jack-hammer. Demo’d the wall, made multiple trips to the pile by the garden area and now just have some crumbs to rake up and…. You guessed it. Start on the other one. Happy Friday!


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