11 thoughts on “It Never Fails Either

  1. Take it for a long drive.
    After ya run out of gas,get flipping mad.
    Come back and tell us about it.

    Between the last few posts and Irish and his cats, not to mention Mexican John turning into ass kisser, I’m about to throw a rope in a tree and hang my self.


    • Can I tie the knot Death? My ex-wife when I went out in the evening would ask me to take her truck and oh, please fill it up for me whist batting her eye lashes… I would only put five bucks of gas in it. Making sure I got home. I have to ask, do you have trees tall enough to hang yourself or do you have to dig a deep pit under the nearest tree to accomplish your task? Assie Jacquie has turned ass-kisser? Did I miss someting?


      • Mostly spruce 45-60 ft. tall less than 10 in. across.
        No permafrost right here.
        Now where that is the trees don’t get very big.

        As for Mexican John, on Phil’s fishing pole story (the tear jerker)
        Aussie puckered up and laid one on Phil. 3rd one from the top.

        As The Great Leonard Jones says ” chuckling “.


  2. Phil has a worldwide readership of his blog. However, I’ve never had a go at the Canucks here, so somebody please tell me why: Americans are people that live in America; and Australians are people that come from Australia; so how come Canadians don’t come from Canadia?


    • Because English is a polyglot language, John-o, taken from the Angles, the Saxons, Latin, Greek, and a smattering of European languages,
      Throw in an Australian accent and you have…


  3. Phil, I nearly forgot after stepping around the sputum left on the ground by the 3 demented gerbils above. At the last petrol servo on the way home, just pull up at the Diesel distillate bowser and top-up with a goodly portion. Smokes up a white cloud, won’t idle but runs passably with a bit more throttle. She won’t do that again, but be prepared for war!


  4. Mr egorr, if you have a Strayan dictionary to hand, you may help out Ceqred, I mean Cederq. Or, you may not, especially as you need to checkup on your arithmetic. You don’t want to blow up that old SMLE with a hot handload. It’s common enough to run into immigrant Canucks in Australia, especially among medics of all stripes. Whichever their role, it’s fun to see them arc up when you ‘accidently’ mistake them for a Yank. Gee, they’re touchy!


    • John-o, I don’t hotload the .303, as I recognize the metallurgy “back then” wasn’t as good as what we have now! My .38’s and .357 handguns are another matter, Ruger seems able to take it and then some…

      My thanks to the Diggers that came out to Diego Garcia to have fun shooting their Ma Duce’s, they invited me out to their range (just off of the GEODSS site on the atoll), and I got to punch several holes in some waves! I have NO idea what they were doing there, but since Diego Garcia is a British Indian Ocean Territory, they and the Brits had more personnel on the atoll than the Yanks. I also had VERY good relations with the Phillipino and Mautritian contingents on DG, and was made a member of the Mau Mau club even though I didn’t drink – got the cap and the patch, I do.
      As for Cederq, not much can be done with the poor sod. Silk purse and sow’s ear, y’know.


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