An Incredible Gift From An Extremely Generous Reader

I am still at a loss for words.

This thing is beautiful, the pictures absolutely don’t do it justice.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart, this gift is way beyond generous and I will treasure it forever.

Now I have an excuse to get a real surface plate.

11 thoughts on “An Incredible Gift From An Extremely Generous Reader

  1. Back in ’85 or so, I worked in a place that had a surface plate the size of a pool table. I think it was a foot thick. It was surplussed out from some company in the early space program and was used for incoming inspection with a 2 foot tall Mitutoyo height gage like that one. Nothing like measuring a nearly 2 foot tall object to a few thousandths accuracy.


  2. It’s a nice feeling , humbling, being given something you really appreciate. More. “Nice ” here,, two days in a row? I dunno if my wiring can handle it.


  3. Sweet tool! At 15 I got a nice 5″ mike at a flea market, did not have much use for it so went with my dad to a little machinist supply place-remember those, in every manufacturing town? Anyway, traded them straight across for a Mit 8″ vernier caliper. Was in the middle of rebuilding a basket case Honda 305 in the basement so it came in real handy. Still have it, 50 years later, and the memory.

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  4. I know of a place that builds really big precision machined devices (think hauled away on railcars big) that has a granite surface plate that is roughly 4’x4’x20′. Last time I checked they were willing to give it away to anyone who could safely get into their shop and haul it away.


  5. Very nice. I bought one from a woodworker supply place. Really tiny. Then a 2 by 3 foot one “fell in my lap”. I wasted no time getting that one in the truck. They are nice when you need them.

    three points of contact, no more, no less.


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