20 thoughts on “Your Feel Good Story Of The Day

  1. The ‘daddy’ sounds like a selfish prick, more likely he is the mum’s current boyfriend. Phil, just curious, why the spelling of ‘Bustednuckles’?


    • Twenty odd years ago when I was first starting out playing on the internet I wanted to post a comment or something and whatever it was required a User Name.
      I wanted Bustedknuckles, thinking I was being clever but it wouldn’t let me use it because it was too long. I played with a few combinations and when I finally dropped that first K, it let me in. I have stuck with that ever since.
      As time went by I have run into quite a few Bustedknuckles over the years but there has always only ever been one Bustednuckles.


      • Thanks Phil, wish all my life’s questions were answered so easily. If I were’nt such a whiny sad prick, I’d take an example from that kid and go fishing. Looking back on my exploits as a young fisher, I shake my head at the easy meal I must have presented to salties, but that was then. Since crocs were totally protected in Qld back in ’74, their population has grown to truly dangerous levels. If you had 46 years free of predation*, you’d get pretty good at your only job, sating your hunger. *except that of large fish like gropers as a baby, bull sharks and tiger sharks as a juvenile, and territorial or hungry larger crocs at any life stage.


  2. When I was 10 yrs old I had my first job. Every day after school I would pick up 5 of the local newspapers and sell them for 10 cents each, of which I got to keep 25 cents. In 1965 let me tell you I was one of the riches kids in Grammer school. Not far from my house was a mom & pop sporting goods store and gun shop. I one day stopped in and found a fiberglass bow and arrow combo package with the price of $ 4.99. I asked the owner if I could possibly pay for the bow on a layaway program at .25 cents a day. The old man was not adverse to the proposal, as long as it was OK with my parents. After a phone call to my mother the deal was made, with one condition. If I were to stop making regular installments I lose the payment already made. 5 days a week I made a 25 cent payment on that bow. Each day the old man would give me a receipt for my payment and the balance still owed. Man that was the longest month of my life, I wanted that bow so bad. Finally the big day arrived and I arrived at the shop with my final payment. The old man gave me a receipt marked paid in full and my bow. It wasn’t till my next birthday that I found out that Mr Henery had given my mother the $5.00 back and told her to get me something for my birthday. 55 years later I still have that bow and all my receipts. RIP Mr Henery I hope you know how much you influenced my life.

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    • Great story!! Probably one of those racist Conservatives we hear so much about that have morals and respect respect. This is how REAL people treat REAL people. I stopped and helped a 20 something female with a baby on her hip that was broke down on my way home from work tonight after working late and just wanting to go home. I wouldn’t have been able to sleep tonight had I not for worrying about.

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  3. Very kind indeed. I remember reading that a judge in a juvenile court noticed that very few delinquents had fishing in their background. They might exaggerate the truth every now and again, but ‘real crime’ – nope.

    Take a kid fishing whenever you have a chance. You might change their world for the better.


  4. Tears welled and a smile crossed my face as I read the story of the fishing pole and the bow and arrow.
    When I was a kid, I had a newspaper route. One of my customers was the manager of the local Dodge dealer. I used to deliver his paper to his desk in the showroom. Afterwards, I would take a break in the waiting room with a cold bottle of pop from the vending machine. I always tried pulling the glass bottles from the machine first…just in case. To my amazement, one pulled free! Lucky day! So everyday I would deliver the paper and 90% of the time I would pull out a free pop. I thought I was the luckiest guy in the world. Took me a while to figure out the manager was dropping that quarter in the machine just before I would arrive. Never forget him or his kindness.
    The dealership is long gone as are the time I grew up in in that small town in southwest Kansas.


  5. Damn onions for breakfast again. Johno I doubt your right. My heart soars like an eagle when I read stories like these. The Dad more than likely teaching the kid the value of a dollar. The hunting and fishing community have been loosing participants for years. Wildlife department here making a big push. Not an NBA fan but Chris Paul on his flight to Okc Thunder saw the sun glistening off all the watersheds in our great state and all he could think about was pond fishing he did as a kid. He funded through his foundation watershed construction within city limits so the kids would have a place to fish.


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