Let Me Get Your Thoughts On This Little Slice Of The New Amerika

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Now that you are good and disgusted, let’s see what you think about this…

Over $18,000 raised for Utah student bullied for wearing MAGA hat

(KUTV) — The mother of a Utah high school student, who was bullied and spat on for wearing a hat in support of President Trump, started a GoFundMe account for him after many people reached out in support. As of Monday morning, the account has raised over $18,000.

2News first reported the incident Sunday night and spoke with 15-year-old Braxton McElhaney.

On his first day back at school, McElhaney, a sophomore at West Jordan High School, was taunted by other students and spit on because of his “Make America Great Again” hat.

“My son, a patriotic 15-year-old, was brutally bullied during his second week back and school for wearing his MAGA hat and we have received a massive outpouring of support from people asking to do something nice for him,” Meshyalah McElhaney, the boy’s mom, posted on GoFundMe.com.

Many people have asked for us to launch a GoFundMe to take him on a special trip or do something nice for him. We are so thankful for everyone’s kindness.

Cellphone video taken inside the school captured the confrontation on Sept. 3.
Volume 90%KUTV

“The two girls, they kept antagonizing me, calling me a racist, saying I look r—–ed, and calling me a white supremacist, white privilege, because I was wearing my Trump hat,” Braxton McElhaney said.

Meshyalah McElhaney said she can barely get through watching the video.

“It brings me to tears every time I watch it, and I can’t believe that people who are on that side and try to push love and acceptance and toleration of other people, and then they are so against somebody who is just a patriot,” she said.

Braxton McElhaney’s family told 2News the school acted quickly to investigate.

Sure they did.

36 thoughts on “Let Me Get Your Thoughts On This Little Slice Of The New Amerika

    • As right as you are, it won’t go anywhere.
      As a badged peace officer,I was spit on more than a few times.
      It was always added to the charges but was all but once dropped.
      The one instance got a mental exam.
      Prosecutors didn’t even want to bring it up, let alone testify about it.
      In other words: NOTHING BURGER

      Hell today they’re throwing friggin bombs at them and nothing happens.

      I’m damn glad not to be doing that anymore.
      Ferguson changed everything.
      We all knew that by about day 2.

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      • I was 1963 till 1973
        Glad I left the profession I don’t see how the new guys put up with it
        The people your serving don’t care
        Until it hit them in the face or wallet


    • Skimming through Utah Code, the threat of violence is a Class B misdemeanor and the spit on the face is a Class A misdemeanor. The use of unlawful force is a separate Class B misdemeanor.

      There’s more to it, including the state taking control over the girls. I’m all for it. Come down hard, throw the book at them. This unwanted behavior is a learned behavior. Given the severity of her actions, I would be surprised if this is her first altercation.


  1. When the adults refuse a hard line to be drawn, the rats will continue to push the boundaries. Here the spawn have learned it is permissible to instigate aggressive behaviors for it is likely that if they receive any consequence it will be light and transitory. The boy exhibited an extraordinary level of self-control. Perhaps it was he was afraid. Nonetheless, that puts 100% of the focus on the two girls. (if he had taken a more serious action, he would then be found at blame just as much as the others and would just as likely made punishment less severe against the girls)

    A criminal charge against the girl would send shockwaves through the student body, school admin, and the community. I am in favor of throwing the book at the girl and perhaps the other girl for she too got a few digs in.


  2. Deathray, I know that unicorns exist, because I’ve had 3 friends that are/were coppers. However, I can’t associate with those blokes in public, to do so would *definitely* taint their personal record as fraternizing with a baddie. Mind you, I’ve met more than my share of plain crooked coppers too, criminals in blue shirts. I’m buggered if I can make out how the honest cops don’t just draw their gun on their crooked colleagues and blow the arsehole’s brains out. That alone, apart from other aspects of the job, must account for job strain and burnout for some. Shit, I reckon that not doing your job properly is a form of corruption, cop or other public servant, let alone really doing evil. Subjectively applying arbitrary attitudes to policing, whether their own or what they were indoctrinated with by statists at the academy, is also corruption. Okay, apology to Phil for going off topic, I had to say that though, when seeing Deathray’s historical comment. I can’t watch the video, but hope the MAGA kid gets his revenge.


  3. The parents deserve an ass kicking while the kids watch, then the kids deserve a belt while the parents watch. Unfortunately, none of them would learn anything, they would just claim to be the victim.

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  4. She would be drinking through a straw for weeks, no fucking doubt I would have broke her jaw.
    If she’s not an orphan, than her parents have to be the biggest pos on earth.


  5. Criminal charges may be applied, but if they’re not “mysteriously dropped” somewhere in the process, once in court they’ll be reduced.

    A civil suit, however, won’t. If the offender is a minor, then the parents are the real target. Contact an attorney and strike a contingency 50/50 deal instead of the usual 35/65 – that should spark strong interest by the atty. At the very least the ‘rents will be out whatever they wind up spending on defense.

    And, depending on Utah laws, the school, and perahps “school management” personally, may also be fair game for a civil suit if they take no disciplinary action for obvious and documented criminal activity on premises.

    It’s way past time American adopt a “take no prisoners” attitude on this sort of thing and use the same kind of lawfare against them they’re been using against us.


    • ‘It’s way past time American adopt a “take no prisoners” attitude on this sort of thing and use the same kind of lawfare’

      I think of it as “WW ADL D”?
      Go after them with the same rabid voracity.


  6. She’ll make someone a nice wife. Actually she’s probably the future governor of some democrat crazed puke state.

    I wish I could have done a GoFundMe every time something bad happened in my life.


  7. Imagine the nightmare she’ll be if she ever grows up, foul behaviour, her parents must be so proud to see what they’ve managed to raise.
    The lad did well to not react violently, raised properly see.


  8. I wouldn’t be 17 again for any amount of love or money. School always has been a feral cage match. I don’t know that it’s any worse now, but the lines are certainly more clearly defined.
    As I’ve also been saying, this is no longer a “lesser of two evils” election. It’s quite simply either/or.


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  10. Act like a tough guy, deal with the blowback. Testicles or not, you spit at me, you’re going to get a ten count. Equality incoming, good and hard. One good roundhouse now, might save her life in the future when she thinks about doing that to somebody with less social sensibility than the MAGA kid.


  11. By lawyering up he would fall into the trap set by goobermint that puts and keeps goobermint in charge of everything but the style underwear you wear, which is exactly where they want everyone. And not approving of the fed refusing to print money and coin, allowing them to track every single thing you buy or do. We are on a very slippery slope boys & grills….. Dangerously close to loosing the entire shiteree…
    What this guy ‘s parents should have taught him is that home schooling is the ONLY way to get a useful ed-ah-mah-ca-shun. His give a shit meter and tank are prolly at full tilt cause he’s under the false impression he can become something worthwhile in his pathetic life. BUT, no one really gives a shit other than what he can attribute to their well being and future, not his own. Modern society!
    Back not that many years ago, someone getting in my face for a dumb assed reason other than she didn’t like what I represented, would have found herself on the floor with busted fucking head, and I would have walked off and not ever looked back. You get out of line and disrespect others for no reason you get your ass handed to you pronto. Grow some stones Merka, not the sissified pathetic cunts you have become….. Yeah, my give a shit tanks been mt for close to 30 years now……


  12. I grew up as a Cubby, Weblo, and a Boy Scout. At about this kids age my
    mother told me to never hit a girl or a woman, but if attacked, all bets are
    off. I would have kicked her in the cunt!


    • a woman’s cunt is as sensitive as a man’s nuts, so have at it! I too was the consummate cub/weblo/scout to Life. Same as my brother. Then fumes got to me, car fumes and perfumes… Funny how many men of our generation have mothers that taught their sons the same way, “Don’t start the fight, but you better damn end it and standing.” My mother taught my brother and me to fight dirty Irish Indian style, the nastier the better. Having four sisters was like having female sparring partners, taught my brother and me most of how to fight a female.


  13. I think the idea of a gofundme site is a mistake. That young man handled the situation well, I think. He doesn’t need money. He needs neighbors to thank him for being a gentleman. I don’t think the language was called for but that’s the only soft spot in his case.


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  15. Use the GoFundMe to:
    1-Pay for a lawyer for a civil suit against the girl(s) and their parents
    2-Set up a home schooling, possibly even a neighborhood community schooling (nearby like minded friends and neighbors), bypass the Gubberment cess skrool altogether.


  16. These fools are never going to realize what’s happening. She will pay more for insurance, more for rent, higher interest rates, when she goes to the doctor she will get only the basic care.
    The internet is forever right now. When she needs a wrench turned she will get the minimum service at the highest price. We will educate these problems in our society or they will pay the price.


  17. Strange, I seem to remember when attacking people, spitting on them, and bullying were all considered bad things in school. Just last year, I seem to recall a lot of heartfelt agonizing appeals to stop bullying in school.


  18. Now that $ has been donated to ease the pain for the poor lad, all across the country schoolchildren are figuring how to stage and promote a “bullying” so they, too, can be rewarded.


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