12 thoughts on “Duhhhh, Which Way Did He Go George, Which Way Did He Go?

  1. No wuckas fellas, I’ve got broad shoulders. I’m glad that Phil is tolerant, I was at an Austrian blog one day and got my knuckles rapped for joking about a certain Frankish bulldog. The owner said that it was his preserve to do that, not mine. I agreed with him, but get bored waiting around. Remember that song, ‘The Devil’s Right Hand’? Well, I swear that the bastard grabs my thumb sometimes, not my fault! Bastard magistrates don’t believe me either.


  2. Cedrex, I’ve just been using a term in common use, I believe it’s called transliteration (?), where parts of words are transposed to form slang. In this case, to get away with the true meanings of words not always considered acceptable, especially in this high-class joint of Phil’s. “No wuckas” is short for ‘no fucking worries’, commonly said as ‘no wucking forries’, itself shortened to ‘no wuckas’. Thus endeth today’s lesson on English as she is spoke (as opposed to spoken). Don’t you have your Straya English dictionary to hand?


    • We use Websters and I can tell ya we do not use the Queen’s English, we kick their tuckas over 240 years ago and we ain’t going back even though the British Crown is I am sure behind wanting us back as a colony…


  3. Coming from a shitlib family as I do… I’m not surprised one bit. If they aren’t sexualizing their kids, they are indoctrinating and politicizing them. The women are the worst.

    The girls should get strapped, and the parents horsewhipped. As for the public school teachers…shit like this is why you homeschool your kids.


  4. This morning, Peepers the cat brought a full size bunny in to eat. Unfortunately for us, it was not dead yet. I closed the doors, went over to the clothes dryer where it was trying hide. I picked it up, broke its’ neck, and tossed it outside.
    The cat looked a little shocked that I was throwing her food outside, so I petted her and told her she’s a good provider. Then I went back inside to wash my hands and finish my coffee.
    I’ll take country living over cidiots (city-idiots) any day.


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