12 thoughts on “And Just Like That, It’s Monday Again

    • Cederq, that was an unusual news report at the end of the That Had To Help post of Phil’s. Did you have a waterproof tradesman’s mobile phone?


  1. AEST is 18 hours ahead of the readout on Phil’s blog comments. So we’re in bed before you wake up, sleepy heads. The only earlier sun-ups are for the Kiwis and Cook Islanders. Deathray, do you have to take vitamin D or sit under a sun lamp, seeing you only get a couple hours of sunlight daily? At least you save money on sun block! I live closer to the Equator than you do to the North Pole, wanna compare sun cancer scars? I’d like one of those grizzlies for a cool watchdog but!


    • Yeah, I haven’t been here for ever.
      Got 50 years of working out in all kinds of weather
      That includes hot humid, tons of sun buddy.
      And don’t forget that the sun stays up here around the clock thru the summer months. Maybe I no longer get a farmers tan but I get plenty of sun.


      • But it is a cold sun even in the middle of summer… A.Johno, I have lived and worked in the Northern climates all my life and I suffer from Pre-cancerous lesions on exposed body parts, so it doesn’t matter iffn’ ya live up-under or over the top… rather live over the top. It must be hell having small marsupials faster then you.


  2. Cedrex, yes you’re right, it bloody is! They all are, as no wombats live in the north. My cousin has built new sheds on his farm, but the small Mareeba rock wallabies* inhabit them all day, so they can safely hide from the wedge-tailed eagles, a large raptor. He reckons that he wouldn’t mind if they just stuck their paws out to flip off the eagles, but the little shits do shit, everywhere! It may be pelletized turds, but he has to sweep them out. *It’s easy to pick one of the rock wallaby varieties from the other species, they’re always wearing cool shades and listening to their iPod, that pouch comes in handy to carry music!


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