Put In A Word For Me If You Get A Chance

I’m getting ready to head out for Round 3 of the Get Father In Law’s Rig To DEQ Adventure.

As you may recall, the first two attempts pretty much ended in disaster.

And to start toda’ys challenge, it is pouring rain outside.

It has been gorgeous here all week, until today.

Oops, I see I need to top off the charge on my phone before I go anywhere.

I guess that will give me time to try and find something to eat that doesn’t tear my guts up.

I’m still in a lot of pain with this Shingles horseshit but managed to only miss the one day of work when I wound up at the ER.

I didn’t do anything stressful all week, it was just being on my feet all day.

I’m pretty sure I have some rain gear in the Caballero and a small toolbox I am going to throw in that damn Yukon just in case.

Hopefully the damn thing won’t give me anymore trouble. I have my Code Reader also in case something pops up, then I can clear the codes.

Wish me luck.

I can use all I can get at this point.

10 thoughts on “Put In A Word For Me If You Get A Chance

  1. Even the weather gods are not happy with you Phil. It seems to just jack up the ashtray and slide in a new Tahoe or Suburban, what ever it was.


    • I get to crawl under my daughter’s Saturn again, the fuel pump lasted ONE WEEK and then failed. Methinks she did not seat the electrical connector on the top of the tank completely when she was reconnecting the wiring on top of the tank – at least, that’s what I’m hoping…
      Serves me right for not checking her work!


  2. The last time I turned wrenches on a car Ronald Reagan was in office. Times
    were so much simpler then, especially with used cars. We didn’t have three
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    dollars to tweak the carb so that you could take a car in for testing and reset
    the carb after testing. Nowadays, the onboard computer systems allow a
    person to tweak all kinds of engine settings.

    One of my computer geek friends raised the alarm after Marxifornia mandated
    the OBD II systems. He stated that they had so much excess bandwidth the
    car could rat your ass out for speeding, ignoring the check engine light,
    and a ton of other stuff. Some geeks recently extracted all of the data
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    down to the friends you visited when you parked your car outside their

    Imagine the Big Brother type applications. You are a block away from
    a liquor store where an owner was shot and killed in a robbery. The
    cops can issue a blanket warrant for anyone within range of the
    nearest cellphone tower. What about a TEA Party member or a
    Republican politician who visits a whore house in Nevada and the
    possibility of blackmail. Getting automatically generated speeding
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    flying fuck that my cellphone sends my location to Google Maps
    because I am not doing anything wrong, but if I bought a new
    car today, the cellphone antenna would fall off the car and the
    cellphone would be turned off before I left home!


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