THIS, Is Why I Am Voting For Donald Trump, Again

This is where the bear shits in the woods people.

You can substitute any nation on the face of the planet for Iran and it will be the exact same message.

And they all know he means every word too.

29 thoughts on “THIS, Is Why I Am Voting For Donald Trump, Again

  1. i am waiting for the day when mike flynn comes back to him , and he turns flynn loose on them
    one reason why he will not pardon him i guess, wants a clean slate,
    one does not piss off army rangers without peril

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  2. I want to see the overnight numbers. I would bet that the Interview will
    break the record for a single radio show. Limbaugh already has about
    45 million daily listeners. Every conservative in America was glued to
    the radio today. I didn’t hear the F words so I guess it was bleeped out.

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    • Since the feminist left began emasculating males, the last few
      generation of males was born without them. You can see
      them on the lines in the riots, and the man bun wearing Incel
      idiots you see at Starbucks. Trump’s dad put him in on the
      ground floor working with contractors. President Trump
      probably ate more roach coach breakfast burritos while
      wearing a hard had than I did! He even learned our language!

      President Trump has a pair of balls that would make a male
      Water Buffalo envious. He had more people in his hospital
      room than any campaign event with Alzheimer’s Joe. Rush
      Limbaugh noted that even after being treated for the Chink
      Kung Flu, he is drawing more people than Slow Joe Biden.
      When Trump was released from Walter Reed, the doctors
      announced the virus was placed in a 14-day quarantine.
      He beat Teddy Roosevelt and Reagan for testicular
      fortitude in a president. Let’s hear it for balls! Sure
      beats Carter, Clinton, and Bathhouse Barry.

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  3. Now that sent shivers up my leg…. I like that even a President can and will use the “Fuck” word…. Can I vote twice for Trump? The demorats are going to be for biden his time.


      • I am definitely not a dem… Independent is my charm. My shiver is from a sitting president can say shit (or Fuck) on air and on a national pod cast. swearing people are noted fro their honesty. Then Phil and me are the most mother fucking, got damned honest people on the face of this Earth.


  4. Rush’s website has posted the entire two hour video AND a transcript. It was epic. While Rush did get in his commentary, he managed the interview well, and let Trump speak, unlike so many others who think they have to interrupt every other sentence of their guests.
    It was in many ways like the first time I heard Trump speak: on Alex Jones’ show in January 2016. I’ve been on the Trump train ever since. MAGA!

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