Opening My FleaBay Finds

The Mailman been veddy veddy good to me lately.

These two items actually arrived well ahead of schedule.

This one I basically stole.

I was the only bidder at $4.99!

Shipping and tax it came to just under $15.

The 20 inch wrench would probably run you at least $50 and so would the almost pristine 1X14 two inch threading die.

It’s in great shape, I just need to clean up the handles a little bit.

I finally felt good enough to drag the 4 inch Rotary Table out to it’s new home and get it unpacked too.

I swear they DIPPED this thing in Cosmoline. Holy crap, it was dripping off the plastic bag.

The first thing I checked was the back lash. It’s pretty much set at zero up above.

One graduation on the dial.

Better than I expected for an $85 hunk of Hindunium®.

That’s right, you saw it here first, Hindunium.

Cheap metal products from India instead of Chinesium from China.

I’m fairly sure AvE came up with that one.

Somewhere I do have some 10MM T nuts and a few studs.Something else constructed of Hindunium that I had to order last year. I also have some small hold downs a buddy made for me that should work with this thing until I can start shopping around for a 10MM Hold Down Kit.

I do have one bitch.

It’s not the adjustable tilting model I could have sworn I ordered.

Such is life.

I know I have an extra 3 inch Lathe chuck laying around and I also have an independent 4 inch chuck too.

As cheap as this outfit is I may try to sneak a couple more purchases from them through.

Would I prefer to order this stuff made in the U.S.?

Of course I would. As far as I have seen, no one over here makes any of this stuff that doesn’t cost five times as much, if they even make it at all over here.

I’m sure if you really want to spend money, there are some nice ones out there.

Since this is all seldom used hobbyist type stuff I’m not going to get real excited about where it came from but I have found that even the Hindunium stuff I have bought so far is of far higher quality as finished pieces than the Chinesium stuff.

I’m telling ya, they are muscling in on the market share after Trump started putting tariffs on all things Chinese.

9 thoughts on “Opening My FleaBay Finds

  1. Many decades ago, Ma Ray finished grunting and wheezing, and the old midwife showed her the result. Ma Ray exclaimed “Lord sakes! Did that come outa me? It looks like Death warmed up!” And so began the misbegoten adventures of the nemesis of the internet.


  2. My luck with Hindunium tools hasn’t been good. I’ve had small tools break or bend too many times. Like they either haven’t mastered heat treating or making the alloys that can be heat treated. The Chinesium tools seem to be getting better. I always figured they were only selling to America until the sales got their middle class going. At that point, their own market is so much bigger than we are that they’d cut us off.

    I have one of those rotary tables for my Sherline mill. They make very precise tools and are great for model making.

    For my big mill, I got one of these – the 6″ table.
    I use a 3/8″ clamping set on it.

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  3. I worked at a machine shop in the ’80s that had a hand cranked rotary table. You
    Could disengage the worm screw and use it as an indexer, engaging it at the standard
    5 degree increments. That company thought well outside the box too
    For certain jobs, it was rigged as a fourth axis on a Bridgeport type milling machine with
    A three axis retrofit cnc control. We would remove the crank, replace it with a timing belt pulley
    With a split lock bushing
    and dismount the x axis servo motor,which was then installed into a homemade mount
    Rig was ratioed so that a program command of 36.000 equaled 360 degrees of rotation
    My balls dragged on the floor whenever I had to carry it

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