13 thoughts on “Glad I Ain’t That Guy

  1. Well, as a 15-year-old kid I went through a joist into a 50 amp 240v feed to the range… never did THAT again, I learned to LOOK first.
    This poor sod’s gonna be doing a lot of splicing. They must not have been live at the time… lucky him.


    • After looking at it and not seeing any copper, they could be for some kind of liquid or air. Still, a mess! Easier to splice, but will probably leak after the fix…


      • Those are water lines. Pex lines to be a little more specific. I see a minimum of 7 that will have to be fixed. It’s easy to work with so the fix won’t be too bad. But whoever was using the drill needs to pick a different line of work.


  2. That’s nuttin’.
    I was installing a radio and antenna in a Pisten Bullie snow cat and mis-measured where to drill a small hole up through the doghouse over the motor.
    These things are completely run by hydraulics controlled by electric over hydraulic servos, and solenoids, and there’s got be at least 30 miles of wiring.
    Dam if I didn’t drill right up into a harness as big as your wrist.
    It took me two days to chase down each wire and make it all work again.


  3. I cut off phone service to Jacksonville Beach, Fla. one day in ’68 by digging a six by six foot hole, planting an 8″ sign support pipe, and filling it with cement. Seriously, I thought it was a root…


    • Wen I was working for Verio, a tier-one internet company (tier-one runs the internet backbone), we used to joke about farmers in Iowa, etc. tilling up a major AT&T fiber cable because the cables would work their way to the surface over the years and the cable would get snagged and ripped out…
      We have a term for it: “Backhoe fade”
      I found out later that AT&T (or whomever) loses at least $30K/hour in revenue when that happens!!


  4. I was working in IT decades ago when a farmer in Tennesee cut the phone line to Carrier’s McMinville plant while burying a dead cow with his backhoe. Most outages are caused by IT changes, so it was a relief that that time, it wasn’t us.


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