Tis Monday Again

I’m still fighting the Diverticulitis and what is probably the Shingles.

If this keeps up I am going to have to go see someone about it but in the mean time I am going to go until I can’t go no more.

14 thoughts on “Tis Monday Again

    • You already have antibodies from having shingles, the vaccine is only going to weaken your immune system more. There is no magic in vaccines!


      • Would you rather risk polio? Smallpox? Measles? A lot of these aren’t just minor inconveniences, they can kill you or ruin your health for life. I had some of these as a kid (measles, chickenpox, mumps) , my wife has had chickenpox as an adult (which can be a damn serious thing) and the two cases of shingles.

        Vaccines stack the deck in your favor. I’ll use them. Same way as I buckle up when I get in the car. Do what you like, but I’ll take what I can to protect myself.

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  1. The Herpes Zoster virus is what causes shingles..a variation of chicken pox. It will run its course, taking about 10 days; with or without medication, and medication largely treats the ‘discomfort’ associated with it. Does it run around your chest and onto your back? I have a cousin who got it in her eye…so it could be worse.
    Some say stress triggers it…you have plenty of that.
    It will go away, after days and nights of misery.
    For your diverticulitis…try a couple ounces of organic ACV in a bottle of water and sip during the day…aloe vera juice too has had some success treating diverticulitis.


  2. Lots of water for the diver and go to the doc for some shingles ointment, it will save you a lot of grief. Pretty wife did both last year. So 2020 started in 2019 for me and now another Hurricane is headed for my condo because Mother Nature is a comedienne and I can take a joke.



  3. Phil, your CHECK ENGINE light is on, don’t “go ’til you drop”. Okay? Get it checked out. There are always new therapies coming down the pike, and at your (and my…) advanced age you can’t just tough it out any more – stuff you could shrug off as a kid can lead to breakdown now!

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    • I like that egorr… “Check Engine Light” , diverticulitis can be fatal in not taken care of, fistulas can develop between the intestinal wall and other organs, abscesses, intestinal perforations and obstructions… take your antibiotics and drink fluids and stay the hell away from red meats and dairy Phil! You certainly do not want a bowel resection and/or a colostomy and have to wear a shit bag the rest of your life.

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  4. Yeah I’m thinking the added stress and the crazy long hours are catching up to you.
    Your body is telling you something and I hope you’re not ignoring it.

    With the spooky times that are in store for us, now is not the time to go down.
    Feel better friend and I’m sorry to hear you’re going through that.

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  5. What egorr and the others said, look out for yourself and get checked, staying healthy as possible is critical now with everything going on.


  6. Shingles is an arse.. I had a bout 7 years ago that expressed in a band over my head. I lost about 40% of my hearing and had damage to my eyes too.

    The treatment in the UK is a 7 day course of zovirax tablets and zovirax topical ointment. This stops the virus reproducing so it reduces the spread and duration and gives your immune system time to work. But it has to be started within 72 hours of the beginning of the episode. I suspect you’re too late now.

    The other problem is that the virus damages the sensory nerves, so you can continue to have nerve pain for many weeks or months after the rash has gone. Your doctor can prescribe drugs to help this typically Gabapentin and this really does help.

    Don’t ignore shingles it’s painful and debilitating and it does recur. If you have the option, get vaccinated and if you get another attack go see your doctor ASAP. The virus lurks in your central nervous system (spine) and the area of the body affected depends on which pair of nerve branches along the spine it expresses down. My bad luck was that it was a pair high up.

    Attacks generally happen when your immune system is depressed. I would guess that your recent stresses were a contributing factor. I feel for you,having shingles in top of other health issues is really a bum deal.


  7. Phil, I hope you can keep working, but as one who also was forced by necessity to work unto collapse: fuck it, and fuck them, whoever ‘they’ are. Can you not get a couple of days off with sick leave? Don’t listen to Cederq and Leonard, your missus can blend Vegemite into broth or gravy if you’re too much of an old codger to take it straight. I too have diverticulars, too bad my Mum didn’t whip my legs with a wire coathanger and make me eat my veges as a kid, but wholemeal Vegemite sandwiches for lunch will buck you up without danger to your gut. Now if you get too crook, please loan the blog’s keys to Irish, it’d be good to see a few redhead pics posted. They may even make you feel better all by themselves!


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