Another Coupla FleaBay Finds Heading My Way

Yeah, I know.

But would you pass this up for twenty bucks?

A vintage 19 inch BROWN AND SHARPE Height Gauge

The seller said they were selling it “For Parts” because it has some surface rust on it in some places.


A brand new digital Brown and Sharpe height gauge goes for SEVERAL THOUSAND DOLLARS!

Even these old vintage analog models run into the hundreds most of the time.

For twenty bucks and another twenty for shipping, I am going to roll the dice.

And this one?

$4.99 for the 20″ Die wrench, with the die, $8.75 shipping and $1.18 tax for a grand total of


The die would cost that much new.

Every once in a while a guy can find a good deal there. Most of the time you have to wade through hundreds of offers with ridiculous prices though.

Between the two of them I have some time to spend cleaning them up but I actually enjoy that part.

Yeah, I’m weird.

I know.

23 thoughts on “Another Coupla FleaBay Finds Heading My Way

  1. That is why we love and like you, you are weird! There is a parallel universe of us tool junkies and we found each other on your blog. There is a world out there Myrtle… Great find on that height gauge! Only problem, you floor or table has to be perfectly flat for precision measurements, but you knew that. Is your garage flat? One can never have enough Tap and Dies! They are a fuck up’s worse enemy, because yes you can ream that thread out.


      • That was going to be my first question, Phil! There is a cheaper
        alternative and I used to own one for lapping valve surfaces and
        discs. If you can find someone with a precision surface grinder
        use a steel plate. Keep it oiled or use WD-40 between uses to
        keep it from rusting.

        PS Bet this deal: A $7,000+ precision LASER shaft alignment
        system. Price: Free!

        Off-topic as hell but I want to post this at the top so our buddy Aussie
        can see it. Here is my present to him, a song from my favorite
        musical artist from the land down under:


          • “Hey Santa Claus, where’s my fucken bike?” Kevin Bloody Wilson has recorded many rude or ribald tunes, any that don’t like the humour can just get fucked. I’m sick of pandering to Nervous Nellies and Karens, fuck ’em.


      • A possible option – call some local stone places that sell granite for countertops, ask about a remnant (leftover piece or piece from a cutout). Woodworkers sometimes buy small pieces such as these for cabinet tops and the like.


  2. Fleabay been beddy beddy good to me. 0-6 and 6-12 inch OD Mititoyo mics
    with .0001 resolution, a 0-12 inch, a 0-6 inch depth mic set, and Starrett combo
    machinist square. I gots a 12 inch set of feeler gauges, a small to 6-inch
    snap gauge set, a small and large Fowler dial indicator set (one with a
    mag base and a lot of other stuff. You can save a lot of money if you
    know how to shop online! I even got a deal on a Mitutoyo digital indicator
    and a Fowler digital 6-inch digital caliper.

    Hi, I’m Leonard Jones. I am a tool junkie. Why is my arm itching?


  3. You could use the die in blogging, …………. starting a new thread!
    (You can see why I’m not working as comedian)

    What do you think the granite surface plate weighs?


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