10 thoughts on “With A Rusty Chain Saw

  1. If our friend the Aussie ever gets a real viewing device, that’s exactly what he’ll be doing and we’ll have lost him forever.

    I can picture the smile on his face now.


  2. DR, I can’t even read the quote in the meme, this screen is too small, and I can’t save the image to zoom it. Soon as I can walk far enough to shop for a better device, I’ll do so. After extensive spinal laminar decompression, I thought that I’d be able to chase big-titted redhead girls (the sort that Irish and Unfuck post) around. Unfortunately, rampant rotten osteo knocked that idea down, so I went in for spinal cortisone injections: the irony that I had to walk a long way for treatment, to be able to walk a few metres, wasn’t lost on me. I accepted that, but Cederq whispered in the ear of his Irish pal Murphy, he blew up my feet with gout! Oh that cunt Murphy, he has me barely tolerating atmospheric pressure on the gouty tissue. What the hell happens for a body to suddenly deposit uric acid crystals into and around joints, I wonder if it’s connected with osteo-arthritis? I’ve a cousin with rheumatoid-arthritis, has to have her hands broken and reset every 2 years to remain active. That is the type of person I pity, not myself. There are too many cops (state, federal and secret police) that are waiting for me to kark it, for me to shuffle off in any hurry. *Now there are a right pack of cunts*, I wonder just how many are named Murphy?


    • Buddy I went through the injection regime for months after my accident. They did nothing to improve the situation. I wish you well with your treatments.

      You’re probably better off avoiding the red haired ladies.
      I fear in your condition they’d do you in.
      Although, if you’re anything like me, it’s how I want to go.

      My luck with Phil’s friend Murphy, I’ll probably end up with the shingles being pissed on by antifa as they burn my forest down around me.


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