13 thoughts on “How Much Does Biden Suck As A Presidential Candidate?

  1. Sloe Joe has a cold, maybe he gave it to Trump? Of course, the runny nose could be cerebral fluid that got bored with nothing to do.


  2. Face it, if Gropin’ Joe got COVID, it would probablyy kill him. Which, if you think of it, would be a bad thing for the next 30 days…
    One could hope that Chlamydia Hairlip catches it, though.

    If Pence catches it right after his “debate” with Harelip, I will smell a rat!


  3. And CNN looses what is left of it’s mind….


    • Who gives a flying fuck what the press thinks? After eight years
      of having a pussy in the White House it is refreshing to see a
      real man in control of our government!

      Trust me, this was an intentional troll. There are enough Secret
      Service agents and weapons in the Beast to stop a small army.


  4. Not surprised that Trump was infected with COVID. He is the POTUS, making things happen and doing tasks that need to be handled. Biden is hiding in a basement combing his leg hairs. How long would Biden last if he were infected with COVID ?


  5. In the you can’t make this shit up category, The Donald has barely left the
    hospital and he is going to appoint Larry Elder (a black conservative talk
    show host) and Tom Fitton (conservative legal activist) to a panel on race
    relations. That screaming sound in your head is coming from the Democrats
    and their kept whore in the media shitting double edge razor blades! H/T

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  6. BDAnon over on the infinitychan is reporting that two Chink agents were in Cleveland for the debate and had aerosol cans of virus with them. They were caught by some highly ugly guys who will be doing advanced interrogation techniques. See if you can find another two Chinks who floated to the beach in San Diego. They are being thought of as the wet work handlers for the two sprayers. (see Godfather 2 for hit scene aftermath). They also infected Gropey so lets see how this pans out. Long game is Dems want Gropey out he was the actual target but getting POTUS as a two-fer is the bonus round. If any of this is true, suspect silent retaliation to the CCP. Watch the Water.


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